Next Stop On Our Mission Path…..

newton falls

This week our mission path takes us once again to Newton Falls, Ohio.  Newton Falls of course is home of the 44444 area code but more importantly it is home of a Church of God that is very dear to our hearts.  Right after Timothy graduated with a Christian Education degree from Mid-America Christian University we moved into the parsonage on LeMae Street.  Then we enthusiastically joined the ministry of the Church under the leadership of Rev. Arnold Edmonson.  Over the next three weeks we are honored to preach as Pastor Arnold finishes up his sabbatical.

Our mission path is like any other journey in life, it sometimes takes us to amazing heights and sometimes to low valleys.  We thank God for them both.  The lessons of the valley will serve us well in the future.  The heights encourage us along the way.  We look forward to soaring over the next three weeks with our family at Newton Falls.

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