Update: Newton Falls, N.E.O. and How You Can Help!

Over the last three weeks our mission path has taken us to some familiar places.  We had a great time speaking at Newton Falls Church of God for three Sundays in a row.  It felt like an extended homecoming.  We want to thank Rev. Arnold Edmonson for giving us the opportunity to speak while he was away.



Our kids loved being at the Newton Falls church.

We also had a great time speaking at the North East Ohio Camp Meeting.  A big thank you goes to the CWC for not only inviting us to speak but committing to support us!  We are truly blessed to see God working through you!


Our family sharing about mission work.

One family in North East Ohio told us that since we will be working with the Children of Promise program they will be supporting us as if we were one of their children of promise.  This Family is going to send in $25 per month to help fund our missionary effort!  Now imagine, what if everyone reading this post did that?  Can you imagine the difference you can make when you join in with brothers and sisters all over the world?

Would you consider joining this family?  We need to partner with you!  You can partner with us with any amount by following this link.  Together we can make a difference!

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