Mammoth cave
Mammoth Cave
Fun in Duncanville

We are blessed to be on the road fundraising.  Traveling over 2,200 miles together in the old station wagon, we have had ample opportunity to get closer as a family.  The sights, sounds and even smells of family travel have drawn us extremely close together.  We have also had a wonderful opportunity this trip to create the adventure atmosphere that we desire for our kids. Fundraising is not always fun but this trip we are intentionally putting the fun into fundraising. It is already paying the dividends for which we were hoping.

Sand Angels at White Sands
Bottemless Lake
Early Night in Abilene












Our kids have enjoyed camping at Mammoth Cave National park, staying in Little Rock, Arkansas, visiting in Duncanville, Texas, sleeping in Midland, Texas, camping at Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico, staying in Phoenix  and Tucson, and sightseeing in Tombstone, Arizona, followed by family fun at White Sands National Park, then spending the night in Ruidoso, New Mexico, stretching our legs at the Bottomless lakes state park in Roswell, New Mexico, then camping in Abilene state park in Texas and finally back to Duncanville.  Now we are a little over half way home and are looking forward to even more adventure as we complete this trip and gear up for our next journey.

Interlaced into all of this fun we have had the privilege of speaking with seven churches about partnership and we distributed our information along with a personal note to over a dozen churches along the way.  Not to mention the individuals we met with and the friends we spent time with.

When we get home we will freshen up then head to Northeast Ohio to speak at The Great Trail Community Church of God on the 26th.   Then we are off to Wisconsin, Florida, Oklahoma and eventually Ecuador!

 Please pray for us as we travel.  We earnestly want this last stretch of fundraisingto be encouraging to our kids.  We also need Divine direction on who to speak with and where to travel.  We have less than four months to raise the remainder of our support.  It will only happen with God’s help and through his network of believers like you.

In His Grip,


The Downings

(If you would like to partner with us simply click on any of the pictures above and you will be taken to our donation page.)

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  1. You were in my new neck of the woods but neither of us new it. I am now living near Waco, Texas and have some good friends in New Mexico where you were right around Bottomless Lake. You guys look great. I continue to pray for your future.

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