Isn’t There Enough To Do Here?

One Question we often have the opportunity to answer is: “Why do you feel like you need to go to Ecuador, isn’t there enough to do here?”  Variations of this question is commonly asked of Pastors in transition and missionaries alike.  In fact, this is the very first question we received when we resigned from pastoral ministry at the Hillside Ave. Church of God.

Different missionaries we know view this question with varying degrees of seriousness.  Having received a fresh and clear call to missionary service, It is easy to feel offended by this question.  It is also difficult to give a good answer because the underlying feeling of the question is often one of pain.  It could be asked: “Why are you abandoning us, don’t you love us?”  When a question springs forth from a place of hurt it is impossible to give a satisfying answer.

We view the question with reverence.  It is perhaps the one issue that we have struggled with most in hearing our call to missionary service.  The answer to the question is of course there is enough to do here.  We live in a sin-sick and dying world and our country and communities are certainly in need of Christ.  More and more we see our home in need of missionaries.  So why are we going there when we could be staying here?  For us it is simple.  We are confident we have heard clearly the call of Christ to go to Ecuador.  How can we be sure?  We have trained ourselves to hear God’s still small voice.  One way is through the devotional practice of Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading).  A few years ago Timothy wrote a book over this devotional practice (you can get it by clicking here) and we have used that devotional pattern to train our ears to hear though the formational reading of God’s Word.  We have also found that God speaks clearly to us through our prayer time.  On significant issues like our missionary calling to Ecuador He usually speaks the same word to us individuality.  It is quite a thrill when we discover that God’s direction has been given to us simultaneously yet separately.

For us, having heard the voice of our Lord we will go.  But the struggle is real.  What about the lost and dying left at home?  It weighs heavy on us, but it helps when we see the churches who sacrificially give to enable us to go, step up to reach the people who are desperately in need at home.

Here is a glimpse into what the Breiel Boulevard Church of God is doing for the Amanda section of Middletwon, Ohio.  This video was recently played before a worship service that outlined in vivid detail what Breiel can do to love its neighbors.

It is comforting to know that Churches like Breiel are sending missionaries both at home and abroad!

There is enough to do here, and we are so glad that there are people called here just as we are called to Ecuador!

In His Grip,


The Downings

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