Exciting Seminary News!

This year we began the process of reimagining the training program that serves the Church of God in Ecuador. We spent the previous year listening to many students currently in the Seminisry program, church leaders and Pastors. We listened to their ideas, their concerns, their hopes, dreams and needs. We were blessed to be able to fashion many of their ideas into a plan for the future.

Last year’s intensive week students

There is a grand plan for the future of the Seminary program and this year is the first step. This year we begin a biennial approach as to where the anual Seminary intensive week will be held. Every other year the intensive week will be offered at a church away from the Seminary building in Quito.

The view from the top of the Seminary building in Quito

Our goal is to include more students in our intensive training by making classes more accessible in their local. We also hope to expose all Seminary students to each unique work of the Ecuadorian Church of God. We hope to inspire our next generation of Pastors, Church planters, and Leaders by aquainting them with the larger work of Christ in their own country.

By moving the seminary intensive week biennially we will be able to include students who have not traditionally been able to attend classes in Quito. We will also be able to bring a greater sense of unity within the Church of God by introducing our students to the context of ministry in their sister congregations. This biennial approach will also help begin the process of Seminary shared leadership. Historically the Seminary program has been in the hands of the missionary, self contained in Quito and given to the Church, this biennial approach will allow for more particapation of Ecuadorian leadership with the ultimate goal of building a board of directors to carry out the ministry of the Seminary through the church.

This year we are happy to offer the Seminary intensive week hosted by the Tonsupa Church. In addition to the change of location here are some other changes we will experience this year.

The Tonsupa Church Building


• In the morning we will offer a writing clinic for students who are interested in becoming writers. We will cover the topics of how to begin, how to research, how to edit, and how to self-publish.

• Because our intent is to include as many local students as possible we will begin our classes after lunch which will allow those who need to work the opportunity to study as well.

• We will offer more classes and give the students the opportunity to choose between classes offered during the same time slot. This will create a greater passion for the classes chosen and smaller class sizes.

• We will have Respected Ecuadorian Pastors as our professors (along with additional visiting professors as well).

• We will offer beginners classes and advanced classes.

• This year’s visiting professors are Reverend Jorge Palacios, Abby Torgeson and Doctors Eric and Bonnie Newell.

Would you pray with us as we take this first step into the future of our Seminary ministry?

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With much love,The Downings

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  1. Estoy muy contenta con la gran noticia sobre las clases de seminario y todos los cambios positivos e innovadores que ha planeado para este año. Deseo con todo mi corazón que Dios cumpla su propósito en la iglesia de Dios en Ecuador a través de su ministerio. Felicidades por todo su trabajo y su gran amor a la obra de Dios. Tiene una hermosa familia además. Muchos abrazos.
    Jenny Acero

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