Episode 36: Love, Unity, Witness

Friends, it is sometimes difficult to love someone who has offended you. It is even more difficult to unify with someone who hurt you. But we are called to love. The unity the will eventually flow from our love will help win the world for Christ!

The true goal of Christian unity is world evangelization.

-David Shibley


In what is commonly known as the upper room discourse Jesus instructs his disciples into a new deeper commandment of love for one another. This love is the basis for the Christian unity found later on in the discourse in a section called the high priestly prayer of Christ. Our unity and the effects of our love for one another is a major part of our witness.

When the world sees our love and sees the unity that flows from our love they naturally want to become a part of the family of God.

May we never divide, may we always love. May we be the kind of unified family which can win the world for Christ

Love, d4eccd47-b129-414b-bf02-ba067946b94b.pngThe Downing Family

Speaking of love… we love serving Jesus Christ in Ecuador! We invite you to click here to find out more!

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