More Than A Command

“Missions is more than a matter of obeying a command, it is the result of an encounter with Christ. To meet Christ, means to become caught up in a mission to the world.”

-David Bosch

Mankind’s passions run deep! Sports, games, songs, politics, religion, romance, hobbies, books, art, fashion and brands are a small sampling of the types of activity that fuel or passions. It seems as though we are wired to be enthusiastic.

The Great Commission of Jesus Christ is much more than a mandate, it is an invitation to join the very mission of God made flesh. The passion of Christ is driven by love and focused on redemption. When we spend time following Him the plethora of affections offered by this lost and dying world grow strangely dim and our hearts gravitate to that which is eternal. The redeeming mission of Jesus Christ becomes our passion. 

May our passion echo Christ’s passion. May we embrace the mission of Jesus.


Tim 2, Angelita, Elias, Adelena, Timothy, Esperanza, Ezequiel 

The Downing Family

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