A Call to Harvest

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Up, away to the harvest field,

Gather in the golden yield;

Gird your armor and faithful be,

For the Master calleth thee.


Thrust your sickle in, the harvest time is here,

Labor with your might, the judgment day is near;

Thrust your sickle in, the grain is falling fast,

Haste, ere harvest time is past.

Always take with you faith’s bright shield,

And your sickle bravely wield;

Stand against cunning foes you see,

For the Master calleth thee. [Refrain]

Keep uplifted the word of truth,

Spreading light to hopeful youth;

Bowed to Him must be every knee,

For the Master calleth thee. [Refrain]

Take with you holy peace and love,

Lift despairing souls above;

Toil to make sinful mortals free,

For the Master calleth thee. [Refrain]

Ella V. Phillips
With Love, The Downing Family

One Comment on “A Call to Harvest

  1. I am praying for your young son Dylan and his speedy recovery and complete healing I Jesus name. May God bless you in your missionary work and open up the hearts of then people of Ecuador.

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