The Crimson Cross

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See the cross, the cross of Jesus,

Crimson with His own life’s blood;

Thus He died, lest we should perish,

Wondrous love! Thou Son of God. 


He will save you, trembling sinner,

Hasten to the crimson cross;

Oh, believe Him, He will save you,

Save you at the shelt’ring cross. 

Dreadful weight of guilt and anguish

Fall on Him His love to prove;

Weight that on our souls had fallen,

But for His unbounded love. [Refrain]

Oh, His precious blood that bought us!

Oh, His pity for the lost!

Can you slight His love, poor sinner,

While so near the shelt’ring cross? [Refrain]

Hasten to Him, sinner, hasten!

Heaven yearns to make you blest;

Father, Son, and Spirit call you;

Come with all your woes oppressed. [Refrain]

Yield your heart and life to Jesus,

Freely He His grace will give;

With Him you shall reign in glory,

If for Him on earth you live. [Refrain]

S.G. Odell


The Downing Family

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