The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Christ, the more missionary we become.

Henry Martyn
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One of the beautiful truths of our Christian journey is that the longer we walk with Christ and the closer we get to Him the more naturally we live and think like missionaries. 

We see this truth come to fruition in the lives of Christ’s original disciples who walked with Christ and eventually turned the world upside down for Him. The words of the Bible paint many portraits of the original disciples in the days between the cross and Pentecost. Most of the portraits don’t show the world changers that the disciples would become. They went from a group of frighted believers waiting to be rounded up, expecting the same fate as their leader to experiencing the empty tomb. They went from returning to the fishing boats of their pre-christ lives to encountering the risen Lord. They went from gawking at the ascension of Christ to deep and fervent prayer. They were then filled with the Holy Spirit and witnessed with world changing power. 

May we walk with Jesus Christ ever closely. May we enter wholly into His mission.   

With love, The Downing Family

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