Mission is at the heart of the divine reality. It is the will of God and the Kingdom of God which are to be made known. Wherever we are, our purpose is not to propagate the Church as an end in itself, but to proclaim Christ as Lord of all life and as Saviour of all men.
-John C. Vockler

John c. Vockler

When the “Divine Reality” competes with our finite perspective we must be willing to give up our finite in view of God’s infinite. 

The first disciples had to do this in Acts chapter one. Upon reciving the promise of being filled with the Holy Spirit in order that the Great Commission of Christ could go fourth, the original disciples asked about finite things. “Is this the time God will restore Israel’s proper place among the nations?” Jesus had an infinite perspective, he was not concerned with political realities but with Divine priorities. 

The political machinations of man can not compare to the Divine purpose of God, to be made known as the Lord of all life and as the Saviour of all mankind! 

May we live so that the “World may know!” May we live for greater things than we find in the finite!  

Love, The Downing Family

Tim 2, Elias, Ezequiel, Timothy, Angelita, Esperanza, Addy

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