Missions is not a recruitment project for God’s labor force. It is a liberation project from the heavy burdens and hard yokes of other gods.

John Piper

The terrible yoke of other gods is evident in this lost and dying world. Some gods have even transcended religion. Convenience, epicurean appetites, and envy are all modern deities that hold sway over vast numbers of people. 

Preaching salvation is not a sales pitch to get people come to church, it is a calling to be the church. Alter calls are not the feel good end to a worship service they are calls to action. The missionary calling is to seek and save those who are lost. 

May we enthusiastically participate in the Divine liberation project. May the world turn to the easy yoke and light burden of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Love, A14C34AA-9727-4C5E-81F9-84819F516F65The Downing Family

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