The New Testament apostles did not turn the world upside-down by social work; they turned the world upside-down by proclaiming the Word of God, which is sharper than any two-edged sword.

K.P. Yohannan
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We all like helping people but we dare not conflate missionary work with social work. Christian charity flows naturally from our sanctified hearts. Followers of Christ often find themselves fulfilling Matthew 25 instinctively. This intuitive drive to help those who are hurting is seen in every concentric sphere of witness, from home to the ends of the earth. But missionary work is following the great commission. It is not food distribution, child sponsorship, installing clean water or starting a hospital. All these works are good but the message of salvation is the only impetus that can turn the world upside down. God’s Word is sharper than our works.

May we care for all who are in need. May we realize that the greatest need is salvation.   

Love, The Downing Family

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  1. I agree with your sentiment as much as I understand your words. Every disciple of Jesus is required to love our neighbors in need, Jesus explained that. What we aren’t to do in missions is to convert others to our own worldly culture. The Gospel is for the world, and thank God he called you to go out where you are.
    I’m busy trying to set up a network for meeting the needs of Christians who are disenfranchised by family-church, through work schedules, 24/7 care for others, those who have no transportation, those who are in poverty (because the churches in general have abandoned us). We are trying to help believers help believers, this is the ministry function of the Body of Christ no matter our outreach.
    Thank you for your devotion. I just found your website, and am most happy. Prayers specific to you and all those upon whom your shadow touches. Peace of Christ.

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