No Substitute For Action

Sympathy is no substitute for action.

David Livingstone
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Felling sorrow and pity for another’s situation is a good starting point but eventually we must take action. Echoing through the pages of scripture is the disappointed yet sympathetic voice of God questioning Adam and Eve after they fell into sin. Reverberating throughout history is God’s action of redemption upon a cross. We are grateful for God’s sympathy for us poor sinners. We are indebted to Him for his action granting us Salvation.  

Likewise, we who have received the grace of God must not simply gaze at lost humanity with pity. We must be moved to action. We must live and demonstrate the truth that has set us free. We must proclaim the redemption we have found. A lost and dying world is waiting for us to act. 

May we feel deeply the pain of those who are on the road to perdition. May we act boldly to give the Gospel to all who will listen.    

Love, The Downing Family

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