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All weights are gone, my heart is light,
My scarlet robes are changed to white;
O praise the Lord! I need no more
My load of sin and guilt deplore.

O I am saved in Jesus’ blood,
My soul is happy now in God;
O glory! glory! can it be!
The Prince of Peace has come to me.

Where passions reigned and tempers foamed,
Now Jesus sits in love enthroned;
No dregs of carnal strife are found,
But hope, and love, and peace abound.

O wondrous grace! how great the change!
My soul now takes her joyful range,
‘Mid scenes of beauty in the light,
Where all before was gloomy night.

The gilded glory of this world
Eclipsed, and into nothing hurled,
Before the super-excellence
Of Heaven’s peace and righteousness.

D.S. Warner


The Downings

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