The Harvest Call

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 Why stand ye all day idle? The harvest time is here,
Behold, with flaming sickle the reapers gather near;
Oh, hear the earnest pleadings which come from every land,
“Lord, send us gospel workers, to lend a helping hand.” 

Oh, who will go for Jesus across the stormy wave,
And o’er the rugged mountains, some precious soul to save?
Oh, who will go in highways, and in the haunts of sin,
With messages from heaven, and gently lead them in? 

Why stand ye all day idle? The lab’rers are so few,
The harvest is increasing, and there’s so much to do;
The Master calls for workers, then, brother hear the cry,
Go quickly join the reapers, and in His service die. [Refrain]

Why stand ye all day idle? The sun is sinking fast,
The day will soon be over, the harvest time be past;
Go work today for Jesus, bring in the golden sheaves,
And in the day of crowning, a penny you’ll receive. [Refrain]

No, I shall not be idle, Lord, here am I, send me,
I care not how You use me, I care not where it be;
Content with this assurance, that I’m in Thy employ,
Then gath’ring souls for Jesus shall be my greatest joy. [Refrain]

William J. Henry
Love, The Downing Family

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