Repe Ljano (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)

Repe Ljano  (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)

serves: 8-10 people

Repe Ljano is a distinctive creamy soup made with green bananas, onions, garlic, milk, cheese and cilantro.  The ingredients do not seem to fit together but the end result is delicious! Seven out of Seven Downings recommend.    


10 peeled and diced green bananas 

1 diced white onion

2 tbs oil

2 crushed garlic cloves

½ cup of cheese: quesillo, a fresh farmer’s type cheese  (queso fresco)

8 cups of water

½ cup of milk 

1  finely chopped bunch of cilantro

Pinch of salt

Avocado slices


First.  Heat the oil in soup pot, make a flavor base for the soup by mixing the diced onion and crushed garlic, cook until the onions are soft.

Then.  Mix in 8 cups of water, bring to a boil.

Then.  Add the diced green banana in small portions, make sure that the water is boiling as you add each portions.

Then.  Cook over medium high heat, stir occasionally, until the bananas are soft.

Then.  Gently mash some of the bananas pieces to thicken the soup.

Then.  Crumble and add cheese to the soup.

Then.  Mix in cilantro, salt milk, 

Enjoy.  Remove from the heat and serve with slices of avocado.


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