Ye followers of the prince of Peace

Friends, as we enter into Maundy Thursday together let us ponder the hymn “Ye Followers of the Prince of Peace.”

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Ye foll’wers of the Prince of peace,
Who round his table draw!
Remember what his spirit was,
What his peculiar law.

The love, which all his bosom fill’d,
Did all his actions guide:
Inspir’d by love, he liv’d and taught;
Inspir’d by love, he died.

And do you love him? do you feel
Your warm affections move?
This is the proof which he demands,
That you each other love.

Let each the sacred law fulfil,
Like his be ev’ry mind;
Be ev’ry temper form’d by love,
And ev’ry action kind.

Let none, who call themselves his friends,
Disgrace the honor’d name;
But by a near resemblance prove
The title which they claim.

Author Unknown

With love,

The Downings

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