Nothing pleases Christ more than for us to share with Him His burden for the world and its people. Nothing so weds us to the heart of Christ as our tears shed as we intercede for lost ones with Him. Then truly we become people after God’s own heart. Then we  begin to know what it is to be Christ’s prayer partners.

Wesley L. Duewel

Throughout the corridors of history Christians have sought to see the world as Christ saw the world. When we can see people as Christ saw people we develop a burden for our lost and dying world. When our hearts and passions align with the heart and passion of Jesus we truly enter into His mission. 

Jesus once lifted his eyes and looked at a gathering crowd. He told his disciples “behold the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few! Pray, therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send out workers into His feild.”

Jesus not only calls us into His mission, He invites us to be His prayer partners!

May we see the world like Christ sees it! May we shed the same tears He sheds! 

Love,55A3EE90-5ABB-41DC-AA0A-2BB319B220FB The Downing Family

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