“The way you discover your gifts is really by serving not by searching.”

Loren Cunningham

 Dear friends, We are all blessed with Spiritual gifts, but often times it can be hard to recognize them. We search and search, but it seems that no matter how hard we look, we can never quite find what we are looking for. We may feel like we have nothing to offer, nothing unique about us that sets us apart from the rest. But, the truth is, we all have something to offer. 
The way you discover your Spiritual gifts is by serving Christ. Our gifts are exposed when we actively engage in the Great Commission. 
The way we discover our gifts is by using them to serve our savior. We don’t need to search for them but rather use them to witness to those around us. 
So let us all be encouraged to serve. To use our gifts to bless and uplift those around us. It is in service that we discover our purpose, our gifts, and our ministry. Let us all be open to the opportunities to serve that come our way, and let us be brave enough to step out and use our gifts to call those around us to repentance. Let us be reminded that our gifts are meant to be used to bless and serve our fellow man, the edify the church. Let us be encouraged to search no more, but to use our gifts to serve in Christ’s love.

Love, The Downing Family

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