A Call To Repentance, A Hope For Revival

It is either revival or bust.

Steve Deace

From time to time missionaries need to speak to their sending countries. We are called to give the gospel light in all of the concentric spheres of witness lined out in Acts chapter one. We offer these thoughts after much prayer and prompting from the Holy Spirit. 

The United States has a rich Godly history. It has been the missionary-sending powerhouse of the world for decades. She is a country built on Christian values and a biblical worldview. She was a fire on a lampstand that gave light to the whole world. 

But what is she exporting to the world now? Sexual immorality in the form of entertainment and policy. Infanticide disguised as a choice. War and destruction. Her appetites fuel the drug trade and fund human trafficking networks. Her border and immigration policies empower evil men to profit from massive human suffering. Pornography, grooming, and the exploitation of children are the norm and politicians turn a blind eye to the crisis or worse yet provoke the problem in all of its evil forms. 

Even much of the North American church is exporting weak theology, unhealthy and unbiblical leadership, and social workers who pretend to be missionaries. 

Society continues to crumble and many pulpits are silent. 

All of her exports are seen and felt on the mission field. She who once elucidated the lost and dying world with the gospel now exudes her political, cultural, and moral corruption. She seems like one demonically possessed. 

There is no political solution for a fallen nation. There is no cultural remedy for the sickness. There is no new morality that can save the United States. It is either revival or bust. 

May we hear these words not as condemnation but as a call to repentance. May we fast and pray for revival. May it start with us.

Love The Downing Family

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