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newton falls

This week our mission path takes us once again to Newton Falls, Ohio.  Newton Falls of course is home of the 44444 area code but more importantly it is home of a Church of God that is very dear to our hearts.  Right after Timothy graduated with a Christian Education degree from Mid-America Christian University we moved into the parsonage on LeMae Street.  Then we enthusiastically joined the ministry of the Church under the leadership of Rev. Arnold Edmonson.  Over the next three weeks we are honored to preach as Pastor Arnold finishes up his sabbatical.

Our mission path is like any other journey in life, it sometimes takes us to amazing heights and sometimes to low valleys.  We thank God for them both.  The lessons of the valley will serve us well in the future.  The heights encourage us along the way.  We look forward to soaring over the next three weeks with our family at Newton Falls.

Three Easy Steps That Will Make a Huge Impact!

1. You can share our new introduction video on your social networks.

2. You can talk to us about our passion for Ecuador by contacting us at or 937-308-5466

3. You can partner with us by contacting Debbie Taylor, our Living Link Specialist, at or 765-648-2129.


This week we are on the move again! Our mission path takes us to OKC to the Church of God Convention where we will be commissioned as missionaries to Ecuador! Our commissioning will take place at the Tuesday 9:00 am service with Michael Thigpen preaching!

Where in The World is Timothy Downing II?

One of the greatest pleasures of parenthood is to see your children launch. As time passes they launch in increasingly significant ways. A few years ago our eldest son Timothy was privileged to tag along with his dad on a teaching trip to Ecuador. This year he is going on his first work camp. This short term mission trip will be with his grandparents and members of the Breiel Boulevard Church of God at the Roma Lee Courvisier School run by Ken Byron and the Latin American Children’s Fund. (You can check it out here: We are very proud of Timothy as he goes off on his own mission path!

Timtothy Peru

Children of Promise

Part of our ministry focus in Ecuador will be expanding the Children of Promise sponsorship program.  We will partner with Jon and Karen Lambert alongside of the Ecuadorian churches as we promote and develop this life changing program.  If you are not familiar with Children of Promise, we invite you to see the videos below and hear the testimonies.  Together we can make a difference one child at a time!

Check Out Our Brochure!

We are pretty excited today, we just received our new brochure from Global Missions!  We invite you check it out, pass it around, and post it on your social media.

Downings brochure

Partnership: Rooted in Scripture, Fruitful in Practice

We were asked recently about our thoughts on fundraising.  Most people do not like to ask for money, yet on this leg of our journey along our mission path we are tasked with fundraising.  Although most people would prefer to avoid fundraising altogether, we have a different view.  We prefer to look upon our task as partnering with people who have the same passion for Christ’s mission as we do.  We are building a network of people who believe in the mission and we are providing them an avenue to give to something that they are already passionate about.  We are partnering with people so that they can enlarge their ministry, not solely so that they can fund ours!

We have recently put together a quick presentation that will help explain our approach.  Please take a moment to look it over by following this link.


The Downings

A Place Of Love

A place of love is hard to find in this world but when we do find such a place we always have a deep desire to return there.  This week as we travel our mission path we have the privilege of speaking in such a place.  We will be speaking at the Newton Falls First Church of God on Saturday, May 17th and on Sunday May 18th.  On the 17th we will be speaking to the children’s and youth ministry then we will have dinner together.  Our goal is to help engage the young people in Christ’s mission.  We are so happy to be speaking with the church of now.  On Sunday we will be speaking in adult and children’s Sunday School classes then Timothy will speak in the worship service, following the service we will have dinner together.  The Sunday morning festivities begin with a meet and greet at 9:00 (with coffee and doughnuts), Sunday School at 9:30 and the worship service at 10:50.  If you are in the area of Newton Falls, be sure to meet us at 426 W. Broad St.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Blessed Speechless

Have you ever been blessed beyond words?  We recently received a gift that left us speechless.  We were in North East Ohio staying with some close friends when they noticed that we have out grown our vehicle.  Four kids and two adults don’t fit comfortably (legally) in a 96′ Jeep Cherokee.  Our friends knew we are spending much more time on the road in our fundraising effort so they asked us if we would be interested in a vehicle with a third row seat.  Of course we were interested, but we had already resigned ourselves to the idea that we would make do with what we had for the year of fundraising.  Besides, when we decided to follow our mission path Timothy resigned at the church where he was the pastor so money was tight (and by tight we mean nonexistent).  We said yes, knowing we could never afford a decent car with third row seating.  Our friends lead us to their garage and showed us a beautifully preserved woody station wagon, complete with moon roof and rear facing third row seat.  After a quick test drive our friends offered to sell us the magnificent beast at a very affordable price.  We looked at each other with desire in our eyes but we told our friends we would have to think about it (and by think about it we mean try to scrape together the asking price for this awesome station wagon).  The next weekend we took our entire emergency fund and went back to our friends.  Then they did something that blow us away, they gave us their 92′ Buick Road master Estate Wagon!  They said: “We are going to support you as missionaries anyway so this car can be the beginning of our support.”  We are blessed beyond words!  Thank you Jason and Brenda your gift is precious to us and your friendship is priceless!


Prayer Partnership

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. –Luke 10:2

Dick Eastman once wrote “In no other way can the believer become as fully involved with God’s work, especially the work of world evangelism, as in intercessory prayer.” We are in the process of setting up our Living Link support network to fund our mission path but we don’t want to neglect the most important support, prayer support. Would you be willing to join our mission through prayer? We would like to send you our praises and prayer requests as they arise. If you are willing to receive notification to pray alongside of us would you let us know via Facebook (ourmissionpath) this blog, or Knowing you are praying for us gives us the courage and power to advance Christ’s message of Hope.


Timothy & Angelita

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