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Cultural Insight: Syncretism

What do the Inca, the Conquistadores, the cult of Pachamama and Mariolatry have in common? Find out by listening to today’s Cultural Insight podcast.   Rumicucho is one of the “high places” the Conquistadors destroyed. with much love, the Downings What is the church? Click… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Syncretism”

Cultural Insight: Until When….?

Today’s cultural insight comes in the form of a story. The legend of Father Almeida tells a story of sin and redemption. Just click play below to be regaled with local Ecuadorian lore. With love, The Downing Family Friend we need your support! Click… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Until When….?”

Inti Raymi

The Incas placed great importance on the sun and moon. Solstice and Equinox dates were recognised as being very significant each year, but none more than Inti Raymi the summer solstice. In Ecuador these dates are still celebrated with colorful festivals especially in indigenous… Continue Reading “Inti Raymi”

Hot Culture, Cold Culture

Do you know the difference between a hot culture and a cold culture? We invite you to listen to this cultural insight to find out! With much love, The Downings Friend we would love for you to click here and read about our mission!

Pan de Yuca

Friends, this post was first published in September of 2019. Pan de yuca or cheese bread (this recipe is taken from a forthcoming cookbook from Our Mission Path) Produces 20-25 small yuca breads Some food is attached to good memories.  This was a favorite… Continue Reading “Pan de Yuca”

Cultural Insight: Rumicucho

Friends, this post was first published in February of 2019. With much love, The Downings

Cultural Insight: Assumptions

Now that you have in your mind what the photo above means listen to the podcast below to see if you are right. Friends, this cultural insight was first published in March of 2019. With much love, The Downings If you liked this podcast… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Assumptions”

Blood Sport

Sometimes cultural differences are uncomfortable. Today we discuss a common blood sport in Ecuador. (This is a throwback podcast. It was originally published in June 2019.) Love, The Downings


Is it odd that people who live with Eternity in mind care so much about time? Today’s cultural insight explores the Ecuadorian concept of time. Love, The Downings To learn about hot and cold cultures click here!


Have you ever considered how important food was in the ministry of Jesus? We see that the context of many of Christ’s interactions involved food. What does our Holy God incarnate have in common with sinners? Food. And the good news is that the… Continue Reading “Food”

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