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How To Tell If A Volcano Is Male Or Female

With love, The Downing Family

Cultural Insight: Carnival

With much love, The Downings Have you heard our ministry story: Heavy Hearts? If not please click here. 

Cultural Insight 2: Hot Culture, Cold Culture

Do you know the difference between a hot culture and a cold culture? We invite you to listen to this cultural insight to find out! With much love, The Downings Friend we would love for you to click here and read about our mission!… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight 2: Hot Culture, Cold Culture”

Cultural Insight: Rosca De Reyes

Today’s cultural insight is a particularly delicious cultural experience. Every January 6, it is customary to meet with family and friends to eat the sweet Rosca de Reyes bread. Throughout Ecuador there are customs surrounding this delicious sweet bread, which is eaten to celebrate… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Rosca De Reyes”

Cultural Insight: Up In Flames

With much love, The Downings Friends one of the worries we set ablaze last year was our budget! We were in bad shape at the end of last year! This year is very different. We changed the way we are serving as missionaries and… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Up In Flames”

Cultural Insight 6: Church

The Gospel message is the same in every epoch and in every culture. Our Christian experience flows from the Gospel but when our culture is added to the mix the two coalesce into a unique experience that we call church. Although our theological understanding… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight 6: Church”

Cultural Insight: Kapak Urku

Folklore is an important part of understanding the historical underpinnings and thought processes of a culture. In today’s podcast we share the story of Kapak Urku, Mama Tungurahua and Taita Chimborazo. What cultural insight can you glean from the story? With love, The Downings… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Kapak Urku”

Pan de Yuca

Pan de yuca or cheese bread (this recipe is taken from a forthcoming cookbook from Our Mission Path) Produces 20-25 small yuca breads Some food is attached to good memories.  This was a favorite of Timothy 2 when he discovered it on his first… Continue Reading “Pan de Yuca”

Cultural Insight: Until When….?

Today’s cultural insight comes in the form of a story. The legend of Father Almeida tells a story of sin and redemption. Just click play below to be regaled with local Ecuadorian  lore.   With love, The Downing Family Friend we need your support!… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Until When….?”


Have you ever considered how important food was in the ministry of Jesus? We see that the context of many of Christ’s interactions involved food. What does our Holy God incarnate have in common with sinners? Food. And the good news is that the… Continue Reading “Food”

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