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A Church Split

Few church failures are more harmful and painful than a church split.  When good Christians become so upset with each other that they forsake the basic rule of love and unity and opt insted for schisms and separation.  The history of the church is… Continue Reading “A Church Split”

Praying Over Quito

Quito is everything.  It is exceedingly polite and crass, eerily quiet and loud.  It boasts an astonishing beauty tempered by a kind of raw ugliness.  Quito has a magnificent and maleficent history.  Some Quito residents possess breathtaking wealth (yet they can’t flush their toilet… Continue Reading “Praying Over Quito”

Two Rivers: Gloria’s Story

In the seventh chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus invites all who are thirsty to come to him and drink and he promises that everyone who accepts his invitation will see rivers of life flowing from them. Today we invite you to listen to a… Continue Reading “Two Rivers: Gloria’s Story”

Friday Update

We have good news!  We now have 61% of our Living Link budget raised!  In case you have not heard, when we reach 75% of our budget a generous donor who will partner with us for another $20,000. So, in effect every dollar that… Continue Reading “Friday Update”

Something Old, Something New

We are excited to be speaking at Timothy’s home church the Breiel Blvd Church of God this weekend.  We will be continuing in a series called Encounters With Jesus.  It is our honor to speak about Saul of Tarshish and his Jesus encounter.  As… Continue Reading “Something Old, Something New”

The Big Secret That All World Changers Share

We recently read a very good interview with Debbie Taylor from the Church of God Global Missions office.  We think one particular question and answer needs to be amplified.  Here is a quick explanation of the Living Link Partnership Network we are currently building.… Continue Reading “The Big Secret That All World Changers Share”

Five Ways You Can Make An Eternal Impact

We have been blessed to raise half of our budget right on time.  We were given fundraising benchmarks when we began our missionary service.  We needed to raise 50% of our budget by February of this year and thanks to the generosity of churches… Continue Reading “Five Ways You Can Make An Eternal Impact”

50%, Celebrate With Us!

We have exciting news, we now have over 50% of our budget raised!  We are halfway to our mission field and we want to thank everyone who have partnered with us and extended your love to us and to Ecuador.  If you have been… Continue Reading “50%, Celebrate With Us!”

Listening And Hearing

 “It will not do to say that you have no special call to go.  With the command of Christ to go and preach the gospel, you need rather to ascertain if you have a special call to stay at home.” -Hudson Taylor One of… Continue Reading “Listening And Hearing”

Another Exciting Announcement!

Last week our family celebrated what seemed to us to be an impossible achievement.  We had reached 25% of our Living Link partnership budget.  To put this into perspective we had spoken at various churches since Last Easter every Sunday, (with the exception of… Continue Reading “Another Exciting Announcement!”

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