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Ministry Story: Move Out!

Today’s Ministry story explores the question: Where does missionary work occur? Just click play on the audio file to find out! Love, The Downings

Throwback To An Old Truck

With much love, The Downings

Throwback To Hillside Ave.

With love,The Downings

Isn’t There Enough To Do Here?

One Question we often have the opportunity to answer is: “Why do you feel like you need to go to Ecuador, isn’t there enough to do here?”  Variations of this question is commonly asked of Pastors in transition and missionaries alike.  In fact, this… Continue Reading “Isn’t There Enough To Do Here?”

Next Stop On Our Mission Path…..

This week our mission path takes us once again to Newton Falls, Ohio.  Newton Falls of course is home of the 44444 area code but more importantly it is home of a Church of God that is very dear to our hearts.  Right after… Continue Reading “Next Stop On Our Mission Path…..”

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