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Seminary Program

Here is an update on the Seminary Program in Ecuador.

Year in Review Part Three: Seminary

Friends, today we review this year’s Seminary ministry. Blessings,

Throwback To A Beautiful Couple

Blessings, The Downing Family

Throwback To An Exciting Seminary Week

This is one of the two classrooms we used for Seminary classes in 2018. This classroom had more distractions but a better breeze. We can’t wait for This year’s seminary to begin! August can’t come soon enough! Blessings, The Downing Family

Together Tuesday: Pray!

Hello friends, we invite you to pray for your brothers and sisters in Ecuador as many of our churches are beginning Seminary classes this week! This year we are offering classes in a radically different way because Timothy is visiting many of our ministry… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: Pray!”


We tried something different and…. it was a success! Each year the Church of God Seminary in Ecuador offers a week long intensive to help train leaders in the Ecuadorian Church. This year we expanded the reach of the Seminary by offering more class… Continue Reading “Success!”

Librophiles Unite!

We love books. We love reading good books. We love writing books. We love giving books away! The right book given to the right person at the right time will not only change the life of the recipient but also the lives of the… Continue Reading “Librophiles Unite!”

A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!

Time seems to move faster on the Equator! Our last few weeks have been packed with wonderful experiences. We had intended to post these updates in separate posts but we simply have not had the time to sit down at a computer until now.… Continue Reading “A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!”

Seminary News! ¡Noticias Del Seminario!

Each year the Ecuadorian Church offers intensive classes through our Seminary program. These classes have been very beneficial for the leadership of our churches. Each intensive course has given the Eucadorian Church to hear from excellent Professors from all over the world. We are… Continue Reading “Seminary News! ¡Noticias Del Seminario!”

We Need Your Help To…

Our supporters are the best! Over the years we have heard the words “just tell us what you need and we will be glad to help.” Today we would like to tell you want we need. We have two projects that are designed to… Continue Reading “We Need Your Help To…”

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