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Is it odd that people who live with Eternity in mind care so much about time? Today’s cultural insight explores the Ecuadorian concept of time. Love, The Downings To learn about hot and cold cultures click here!

Throwback To a Last Time

With much love, The Downings  

Counting Time

Time can be measured in various ways.  At the time of writing this post our family has 34 more days in Costa Rica.  That is 816 hours or 48,960 minutes or as we like to measure it, five Sundays.  We are counting down the… Continue Reading “Counting Time”

Time Is Short! (Another Exciting Announcement)

Time is given us to use in view of eternity. -Ironside Time has a way of slipping by unnoticed. We recently watched some old videos of our eldest children while we lived in Clovis, New Mexico. It seemed to us like yesterday that we… Continue Reading “Time Is Short! (Another Exciting Announcement)”

Our Long Goodbye

This holiday season has a different feel for us.  Behind the pleasant familiarity of the places we are visiting and the smiling faces of loved ones there lies a far off sense of loss.  If our funds are raised in time this will be… Continue Reading “Our Long Goodbye”

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