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The Afterglow

Hanging out after church in Tonsupa. The church is a loving family and often it is hard to leave the afterglow. There is something special about spending time with the family of God after we have feasted on the bread of life!

With love,

The Downings

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A Promise

The  traffic in Quito can be grueling. Among the thousands of cars one stands out. Señor Ortega’s wooden car is a sight to behold. 628E4939-C562-480C-A67E-92F46DC365F8

He made a promise to his daughter that he would drive to U.S. in a wooden car to visit her for her birthday. His first attempt ended in Colombia where his first wooden car experienced un solvable mechanical problems. The 54-year-old cabinet-maker returned to Peru and made a more reliable design. CC3D8720-767C-4BD9-B6C4-A1980DD50094Señor Ortega is now in Ecuador and will soon enter into Colombia. Once he reaches the Colombian-Panama border he will have to put his car on a boat to enter Panama as there is no drivable international border between the two countries. Once he reaches Panama he has good roads ahead of him. 51D57B04-B77B-44AC-9185-5AF21D617701

Señor Ortega has put a lifetime’s worth of work and skill into his wooden car to keep a promise he made to his daughter.

His sacrifice to keep his promise encourages us. How about you? Are you encouraged?

With much love, 6EF7E090-4274-4931-9223-67A638494696The Downings


End of The Road

Our mission path leads us to many unique places. It is always an adventure. We were exploring the small towns around the Pisambilla church sharing with people we met along the way. After driving a few hours we came upon this homemade bridge. The boards were simply balanced on three railroad tracks. We decided not to try to cross it. 

With much love,

The Downings