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Paro Nacional Video Update

Friends, here is the latest update from your missionaries in Ecuador.

The Church Triumphant

Repe Ljano (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)

Repe Ljano  (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup) serves: 8-10 people Repe Ljano is a distinctive creamy soup made with green bananas, onions, garlic, milk, cheese and cilantro.  The ingredients do not seem to fit together but the end result is delicious! Seven out of Seven… Continue Reading “Repe Ljano (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)”

Paro Nacional Update June 24, 2022

Friends, here is today’s update on the protests in Ecuador.

Paro Nacional Update June 23, 2022

Friends, here is our latest update on the national protests occurring in Ecuador.

Paro National Update June 22, 2022

Friends, here is today’s update about the protests in Ecuador.

Paro National Update June 21, 2022

Friends, thank you very much for your prayers. Here is an update on the national paro.

Paro 2022

Friends, we are experiencing another Paro here in Ecuador. A Paro is a blockage of the roads by protesters. It is not a strike but a stop. Today’s podcast is all about the Paro 2022.

Back To The Blessed Old Bible

To understand this hymn we first must understand that the term “Babel” refers to a place of confusion. Especially confusion induced by mankind’s struggle to dominate God. The Biblical background is found in the days following Noah’s flood. The people of earth thought that… Continue Reading “Back To The Blessed Old Bible”


The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Christ, the more missionary we become. Henry Martyn One of the beautiful truths of our Christian journey is that the longer we walk with Christ and the closer we get… Continue Reading “Nearer”

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