We were recently speaking with a church that supports us and they made this wonderful statement; “Where we sow we go!”  What a  fantastic attitude! We know that when people visit Ecuador two things happen. First those who visit are changed in ways hard to explain. Second the brothers and sisters here are encouraged beyond description.

In Matthew 28 Jesus tells His original disciples to go into all the world. He did not modify that word to go with an “if.” He did not say go if you’re rich enough or go if you feel like it. He didn’t call his believers to go if they’re healthy enough. He didn’t say go if you’re poor enough and you won’t really miss the amenities of your home culture. He didn’t say go if…  he said go!

We invite you to come. If you’re a family group, a small group, a Sunday school class, a mission society, a women’s group, an entire church…. we invite you to plan a trip to visit your brothers and sisters in Ecuador.

If you would like to start a conversation about what kind of trip your group could experience. Please write us at:

p.s. Here is an interview with Wanda Cox, frequent short term mission trip participant. Be encouraged! Come and visit!