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Hello friends, this week we are revisiting some of our more popular posts from the past. Make sure you tune in next week for fresh new content. In the meantime enjoy these tried and true podcasts.


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Together Tuesday: Children of Promise

How can you help end human trafficking? One powerful way is to give a child hope by becoming a Children of Promise sponsor.

First listen to this!

Now click here to visit the Children of Promise website!

Together we can make a difference!

With love, 9A5BC3BC-7686-46D4-856A-4B7C6AB368BFThe Downings

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How To Listen To Our Podcast

This post was born out of a bit of wisdom shared by our friends at Boldly Went.

We really like their Adventure Podcast, we encourage you to click here and check them out!

We like their post about how to listen to podcasts so much that we have appropriated their well thought out structure so that we can clearly communicate about the wonderful world of podcasting. (Thanks Tim and Angel!)
We grew up listening to terrestrial radio which ment we were at the mercy of the stations’s program director and their preferences for content. The reality of today is that we can choose the content we prefer through podcasts. Yet, two out of three people do  not know how to access this freedom of choice!
If you are already one of our valued listeners you know how to listen to podcasts. Before you move on to another post, we need your help! Will you share this post with someone you know that would benefit from a simple guide to podcast listening?

Our Mission Path Podcast

Our Mission Path podcast is broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday we focus on a cultural insight from our missionary work in Ecuador. Wednesday’s podcast is always focused on a ministry story. Each Friday we share a short missions focused thought from our mission path book……which is currently being written……and shared for free!

  • Our Mission Path is always free!
  • We work hard to keep our episodes short, smart and sharable!
  • Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of our missionary service in Ecuador.
  • Esperanza Downing is the producer, the broadcast is usually voiced by Timothy Downing.


Where to find Our Mission Path podcast 

  1. Through
  2. By finding one of our podcast platforms.


You can listen to episodes for free directly from our website. If you don’t want to miss any of our updates we invite you to follow us. If you click follow us you will receive an email each time our website content is updated. The benefit of listening to us this way is that you get notified for all content updates not just our podcast broadcasts! How do you follow us? Just go to our home page click follow and give us your email address then you will recive an email each time we update!

Here is a snapshot of our front page do you see the follow button?
When you are notified that a new podcast is available just follow the emailed link and click play on the audio player to hear our latest content! Here is a picture of a post with the audio player circled.

Use A Free Podcast App

Our Mission Path is also available on these platforms.

Apple Podcasts


Radio Public:

Google Podcasts



Pocket Cast



Getting started with a podcast app is pretty simple:

  1. Select your preferred podcast platform and down load it to your computer or device.
  2. Search for Our Mission Path or click on the link above that corresponds with your app.
  3. Follow the steps that are unique to your preferred app to start listening. Your preferred app will walk you through with simple instructions. Make sure to click subscribe!

Devices and apps

Choosing a way to listen to a podcast is really a personal preference.

We recommend listening on our website.

We love connecting with you through!

When you listen through our website you get to see the photos and the occasional video that accompany our podcasts. You also have the opportunity to comment on our posts through our website. As a bonus, it is easy to share content from our website to your social media feeds. (We love it when you do that!)
If receiving emails each time our website is updated isn’t really your thing, we understand! If you have an Apple device, the Apple Podcast app is built-in so you already have it! If you are into Android devices you can easily download Google Podcasts by searching the Google Play store. When you open your podcast app just search for Our Mission Path and you will find us!

Start Listening

The episodes of Our Mission Path are not serial so you can start listening with any that strakes your fancy. Here are some suggestions to get started:

Other Good Podcasts

Here is a list of podcasts we enjoy. We tend to binge listen as we travel here in Ecuador.

  • Unobscured is a history deep dive with Aaron Mahnke. The first season was about the Salem witch trials and was excellent.
  • Missionary Talks with David Peach no longer produces new content but the 85 episode series demystify Missionaries as normal people trying to follow God’s will.
  • We sometimes agree sometimes disagree but Frank Viola always makes us think!
  • The Bible Answer Man is a great thought-provoking question and answer podcast.
  • Something is off with Andrew Heaton politics minus bile plus jokes.
  • The Moth is a collection of short stories told by people of all walks of life. It is a great place to hear stories from people who are not like you.
  • Missionary on fire is a collection of 32 missionary interviews.
  • Imagine Thru The Bible with J. Vernon McGee with less southern accent and more caffeine, that is Levi Lusko. We love his verse by verse approach to Bible teaching.
  • For Adventure seekers and outdoor types our friends at Boldly Went are the best.

With much love,7297BF43-744F-46DD-AC7B-5867E3285812 The Downings

Episode 9: The Work of Mark 16

The lesson is obvious. True missionaries concentrate on doing the work of Mark 16:15 rather than operating social-welfare programs. True missionaries serve the message of Christ, not the institutions of the church.
-K.P. Yohannan, Come, Let’s Reach the World

There are two ways that I see the church’s influence fade in modern times. Both ways have shifted focus from our Savior and his mission of to lesser pursuits. Politicising and institutionalising the body of Christ are two dangers that always transform us from world changers to a collection of insignificante voices. People from all along the political spectrum try to usurp the mission of Christ as a weapon to be used in their own power struggles. Before we blindly condemn them let us remember the words of the Disciples as they were given the great commission in Acts 1:6. “Lord is it at this time you are going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” The best of us can fall into this trap.

Perhaps the more insidious trap is the institutionalising of the movement of God. We tend to forget that we are a people, a body with a Divine head. When we institutionalize what God has made we challenge the very nature of the church, we challenge the lordship of our creator. Is this not just a reenactment of the original sin? Does it come from a place of mistrust or of outright rebellion?
May we focus on the mission that Christ has given us, may we follow Him as our Lord!

Blessings, F8EAD028-6F13-41B2-9020-8D1078DDDFF3The Downings

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Church In Public

Baptisms are amazing. Not only are they a significant event and act of obedience for the believers involved but they are also a significant testimony for all who witness the public event.

The song leaders preparing to lead worship in the park

We were honored to be invited to the Mount of Olives’ recent baptism service. They held it at a National Park named Bosque Protector Jerusalem. We met under the shade of some trees near a public swimming pool.

Gathering under the trees for worship

The atmosphere of this service struck us as very appropriate. We sang and heard the Word of God proclaimed to the background noises of families enjoying themselves at the park. From time to time a curious onlooker would stop what they were doing and hear a song, or listen to the preaching. After we worshiped together we turned our attention to the pool which was already quite busy with aquatic activity.

We prayed before we entered the mountain fresh (cold) water

As we entered the refreshing water, families ceased their diversions and watched intently as we baptized six new believers.

Pastor Luis and Timothy entering into the baptism waters

Timothy was overjoyed when he was asked to help with the baptisms. Pastor Luis baptized the new believers and Timothy gave each a private word of encouragement. F5B9F107-48FA-43A7-A55D-B7141FEC834C88595BA0-83A3-494C-AFC5-8177C87DE5BC98DBA191-6A51-4C07-8FE4-878EC4EFEB97D7BFEF4E-29D5-4BB6-9709-85CC2EFC13E49EACA390-269D-4AF8-B277-EAAA2E1D9D8ECD9DD526-2468-4A55-90CC-7C9C7D267A5162EBCCF6-C30A-4459-B0EB-E507425D2B442A23D895-846C-4BCF-BA04-F62630830563A1319158-7BA5-4299-8BED-3CE25A3E987FF13C2748-80FB-40CD-B15F-1822F7311398

After the baptisms we lingered in the pool a little longer for prayer.

We prayed for those who were just baptized

When we said “Amen” the pool filled up with activity once again!

Those who simply came to the park intending nothing more than a fun day in the sun received something greater. They received the testimony of the new believers who were baptized. They received the Gospel in action. It makes us want to abandon our buildings and hold public worship every week!

With much love, 19541BB1-C508-4835-A84B-0FA67F2E5AA8The Downings

We trust in the international community of Christ to pray for, encourage and fund the ministry we have been given. Would you like to join our effort? Click here for our contact info.

Heart Broken

We see them. We see the gripping photos of children and parents separated from each other on the U.S. southern border. Our hearts are broken. We also hear the political arguments and the unhelpful moral grandstanding. 

<> on June 12, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.
Our hearts break for families separated!

We see the social media posts, some from truly thoughtful people and some from people who seem highly concerned with this issue until the next election cycle. In the public discourse we see the depths of compassion juxtaposed with the glibness of scoring cheap political points. 


Tweets can be somewhat simplistic.

We read powerful and often one sided reporting. We hear people who are involved in Christian organizations state that the only Christ-like position on this issue is to oppose this practice and insure that families get to stay together.

Border patrol
We call on people seeking asylum in the U.S. to do so at a legal point of entry so that their kids will not be separated from them!

We are missionaries with great compassion for those who want nothing more than hope and opportunity for their children. We are serving alongside a movement of believers who have decided that we will be part of the solution to sex slavery and all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking. It is through this lens that we examine the border situation. 

Illegal immigration detention center with families separated under President Obama’s administration.

We do need to take a stand on this practice of separation but it is an issue that we have found conflicting. It is not simple! We do not want to see parents and children separated. However, if the parents in question are not using a passport or other documents to prove that the children who are with them are indeed theirs, separation seems to be the only safe alternative for the children. Why would we think this, especially when there is a tidal wave of people who are against this practice. Because we are very familiar with the numbers. 

Illegal immigration detention center with families separated under President Trump’s administration.
  • According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports the percentage of child trafficking victims has risen dramatically in the last several years. 
  • Of every three child victims, two are girls and one is a boy.
  • The gender and age profile of victims globally is 59% Women – 14% Men – 17% Girls and 10% Boys.
  • 600,000 to 800,000 women, children and men are bought and sold across international borders every year and exploited for forced labor or commercial sex according to the U.S. Government.
  • When internal trafficking victims are added to the estimates, the number of victims annually is in the range of 2 to 4 million.
  • 50% of those victims are estimated to be children.
  • 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade according to UNICEF.
  • There are 1.5 Million human trafficking victims in the United States. 
  • Revenue from human trafficking has surpassed the illegal sale of drugs. (Drugs are used once and they are gone. Victims of child trafficking can be used and abused repeatedly).
  • The $32 billion-a-year industry of human trafficking is on the rise and is in all 50 states according to the U.S. Government.
  • 4.5 Million of trafficked persons are sexually exploited.
  • The average life expectancy of an underaged traffic victim is 4 to 7 horrific years. (The most common means of death for these victims is suicide, abuse and untreated STDs).

These are statistics from 2012, the year we first began to look into this issue.

Modern day slavery is real! The southern border of the United States is a major human trafficking corridor. Perhaps the responsible thing to do on the U.S. border is to separate minors from adults when they enter without documentation until it can be established that the adults are actually parents and the children are not actually victims. 

We post these thoughts knowing that the knee-jerk reaction for many will be to filter these things through the lens of their political leanings. We ask that you, dear reader, resist this temptation. We know that this topic is fraught with politics but we have tried to warn about something more important than politics, modern day slavery. 

The one political statement we will make is this: Unfortunately, we will have to leave it up to our politicians to come up with a humane way to keep families together while at the same time protecting the nearly unbelievable numbers of victims being trafficked at the borders. Although we have little faith in politicians from either side of the isle to be able to act in the interest of anyone but themselves. The power that we do have it to apply pressure on our elected officials to put aside the hatred that they hold for the opposite party and actually do something to protect the children who are caught up in the dangerous situation at the U.S. border. 

Today is June 19. Juneteenth. It is the day that we celebrate the end of the U.S. Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves in the U.S. The end of the stain of America’s original sin of slavery. We work diligently for the end of modern slavery, and we hope to see the end of human trafficking and sex slavery in our lifetime! 

What Can You Do?

You can help us fight human trafficking before it begins, ensuring a child has opportunities by becoming a Child of Promise supporter. This is the organization that we are involved with because it goes beyond providing a child with financial support, it gives you the opportunity to speak into the life of a child through letter exchanges. You can be a supporting voice in the life of a deserving child! We also love that this program joins children with the local church, giving them a group of believers to help them along in life. You can click here to check out the Children of Promise website for further details 

With much love,604EB03F-B078-43A5-B884-D0129A13D6BBThe Downings

Seminary News! ¡Noticias Del Seminario!

Each year the Ecuadorian Church offers intensive classes through our Seminary program. These classes have been very beneficial for the leadership of our churches. Each intensive course has given the Eucadorian Church to hear from excellent Professors from all over the world.

We are excited to announce our Professors for intensive week!

Dr. Eric and Dr. Bonnie Newell

We are happy to announce that the Newells will be co-teaching the class ChristianEducation! The Newells are uniquely suited to teach this topic as their education and ministry have prepared them to speak into the life of the Ecuadorian Church.

Dr. Bonnie is a Teacher in the Middletown School district in Middletown, Ohio.  Dr. Eric serves as a Hospital Chaplain.

The Downing family has been honored to sit under the teaching of both Eric and Bonnie when they served as pastors at the Breiel Blvd Chruch of God.

Rev. Jorge Palacios
Rev. Jorge was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. He and his wife, Zoila have been Pastoring the Church of God Shalom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the past 16 years.
From their local church they have been preparing and sending ministers to open
new works in other US Cities, and also internationally. Including some churches near Cuenca, Ecuador! He will be bringing seven students with him from the US and Honduras. Rev. Palacios will be teaching our Pastors about Leadership Development.
Rev. Palacios has also served as the General Director of the Hispanic Concilio of the Church of God.
Jason and Abby Torgason
Our regional consultants for Latin America, Jason and Abby are responsible for directing the work of Global Strategy missionaries and projects in Latin America. They are also working in partnership with the leadership of CIID (Confraternidad Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios).
We are honored to recive Abby’s teaching over What the Bible Teaches About Sexuality.
This year we are extremely happy to include Professors chosen from our Ecuadorian Chruch!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Our local Professors will be teaching the following classes:  Herminutics, Homiletics, Beliefs of the Church of God, Christian Ethics, How to Evangelize, The Son of God in the Gospel of John.
Two exciting changes are also occurring this year. We will be holding classes at a Christian Campground in Some, a small town near the Tonsupa Church. This change of venue has garnered much enthusiasm for this year’s intensive week! We are expecting over forty students this year.
We are also offering more classes so we are able to give our students a choice between two classes each hour. This gives our students ownership over thier course of study.
We are attempting Big Things this year and we are happy to announce that everything is coming together nicely. God has blessed us richly this year through many donations to our Seminary fund. We are still in need of some funding. Would you consider giving to this worthy ministry? We need your help!
Here is how to help: Please take a moment to visit our giving page (Click here) and make a donation of any size. Then please take a moment to share this post with a friend, pastor, or missions committee who might be interested in supporting this ministry. Together we can make a Big Difference in the lives of our Brothers and Sisters in Ecuador.
Thank you in advance for all of your support!
With much love,604EB03F-B078-43A5-B884-D0129A13D6BBThe Downing Family
Timothy 2, Elias, Angelita, Ezequiel, Esperanza, Timothy, Adelena

¡Noticias Del Seminario!

Cada año, la Iglesia Ecuatoriana ofrece clases intensivas a través de nuestro programa de Seminarios. Estas clases han sido muy beneficiosas para el liderazgo de nuestras iglesias. Cada curso intensivo le ha dado a la Iglesia Eucadorian escuchar a excelentes Profesores de todo el mundo.

¡Este año nos complace anunciarles a nuestros Profesores de la semana intisiva!

Dr. Eric y Dra. Bonnie Newell

¡Estamos felices de anunciar que Newells estará co-enseñando la clase de Educación Cristiana! Los Newell son idóneos para enseñar este tema, ya que su educación y su ministerio los han llevado a hablar sobre la vida de la Iglesia ecuatoriana.

La Dra. Bonnie es maestra en el distrito escolar de Middletown en Middletown, Ohio. El Dr. Eric sirve como capellán de hospital.

La familia Downing tuvo el honor de establecer bajo las enseñanzas del Dr. Newells cuando servían como ministros en Breiel Blvd Iglesia de Dios.

Rvdo. Jorge Palacios

El Rvdo. Jorge nació en San Salvador, El Salvador. Él y su esposa, Zoila, han sido pastores de la Iglesia de Dios Shalom en Filadelfia, Pensilvania, durante los últimos 16 años.
Desde su iglesia local se han estado preparando y enviando ministros para abrir
nuevos trabajos en otras ciudades de EE. UU. y también a nivel internacional. ¡Incluyendo algunas iglesias cerca de Cuenca, Ecuador! Él traerá consigo a siete estudiantes de Estados Unidos y Honduras. El pastor Palacios enseñará a nuestros pastores sobre el desarrollo del liderazgo.

El Rvdo. Palacios también se ha desempeñado como Director General del Concilio Hispano de la Iglesia de Dios.

Jason y Abby Torgeson

Nuestros consultores regionales para América Latina, Jason y Abby, son responsables de dirigir el trabajo de los misioneros y proyectos de Estrategia Global en América Latina y de trabajar en asociación con el liderazgo del CIID (Confraternidad Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios), el cuerpo de líderes de a través de la Iglesia de Dios.

Nos sentimos honrados de recibir la enseñanza de Abby sobre lo que la Biblia enseña acerca de la sexualidad.

¡Este año estamos muy contentos de incluir Profesores elegidos de la cantidad de nuestra Iglesia Ecuatoriana!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nuestros Profesores locales enseñarán Herminutica, Homilética, Creencias de la Iglesia de Dios, Ética Cristiana, Cómo Evangelizar, El Hijo de Dios en el Evangelio de Juan.

Dos cambios emocionantes también están ocurriendo este año. Tendremos clases en un campamento cristiano en Some, un pequeño pueblo cerca de la iglesia de Tonsupa. ¡Este cambio de sede ha generado mucho entusiasmo para la semana de este año! Esperamos más de cuarenta estudiantes este año.

También estamos ofreciendo más clases de las que pudimos en el pasado. Podemos ofrecerles a nuestros estudiantes una opción entre dos clases cada hora. Esto les da a nuestros estudiantes la propiedad sobre su curso de estudio.

Estamos intentando grandes cosas este año y nos complace anunciar que todo va a salir bien. Dios nos ha bendecido ricamente este año a través de muchas donaciones a nuestro fondo del Seminario. Todavía necesitamos algunos fondos. ¿Considerarías dar a este digno ministerio? ¡Necesitamos tu ayuda!

Aquí le mostramos cómo ayudar: Por favor, tómese un momento para visitar nuestra página de donaciones (haga clic aquí) y haga una donación de cualquier tamaño. Luego agradece tomarse un momento para compartir esta publicación con un amigo, pastor o comité de misiones que pueda estar interesado en apoyar este ministerio. Juntos podemos hacer una gran diferencia en las vidas de nuestros Hermanos y Hermanas en Ecuador.

¡Gracias de antemano por todo su apoyo!604EB03F-B078-43A5-B884-D0129A13D6BBLos Downing Timoteo 2, Elias, Angelita, Ezequiel, Esperanza, Timoteo, Adelena

John 1:5 / Juan 1:5


And the light shines on in the darkness, but the darkness has not mastered it. -John 1:5

We love Easter! Of course as followers of Christ we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on a daily basis but there is just something extra special about the gathering together of God’s people in celebration on Resurrection Sunday.

The Darkness of Good Friday is overcome by the light of the Resurrection. The ominous proclamation on the cross, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken me?” Evaporates with the affirmation “He is Risen!”

The message of Easter is lived out every day in the lives of believers everywhere. Jesus died to give us Life and He rose so that we can now live in hope!

Just like the darkness and pain of the cross are washed away in the Light of the Resurrection, the darkness and pain that your sin heaps upon you can be washed away by the power of Christ’s death and Resurrection. That is the Good News of Easter!

Begin following Jesus and walk in His ways today and you will see the darkness of your life fade away. Follow Christ in this life and even death itself will not be a dark event. There is Hope! There is a Savior!

Happy Easter! B9C37CB1-2339-4486-81BB-3C6C34ED5C61The Downing Family


Juan 1:5


Y la luz brilla en la oscuridad, pero la oscuridad no la domina. -Juan 1: 5

¡Amamos la Pascua! Por supuesto, como seguidores de Cristo, celebramos la resurrección de Jesús a diario, pero hay algo más especial en la reunión del pueblo de Dios en la celebración del Domingo de Resurrección.

La Oscuridad del Viernes Santo es vencida por la luz de la Resurrección. La ominosa proclamación en la cruz, “¡Dios mío! ¡Dios mío! ¿Por qué me has abandonado?” Evapora con la afirmación” ¡Él ha resucitado!”

El mensaje de Pascua se vive todos los días en la vida de los creyentes en todas partes. ¡Jesús murió para darnos vida y resucitó para que ahora podamos vivir con esperanza!

Así como la oscuridad y el dolor de la cruz son lavados en la Luz de la Resurrección, la oscuridad y el dolor que su pecado acumula sobre ustedes puede ser lavado por el poder de la muerte y la Resurrección de Cristo. ¡Esa es la Buena Noticia de Pascua!

Comienza a seguir a Jesús y camina en Sus caminos hoy y verás cómo la oscuridad de tu vida se desvanece. Sigue a Cristo en esta vida e incluso la muerte misma no será un evento oscuro. ¡Hay esperanza! ¡Hay un Salvador!

¡Felices Pascuas!B9C37CB1-2339-4486-81BB-3C6C34ED5C61La familia Downing

Be The Donkey! ¡Sé el burro!

Yesterday we attended Palm Sunday services. We have always loved this time of year. In the United States typically children would be employed to wave palm branches in the beginning of the service. Here in Ecuador that practice has been outlawed due to environmental concerns.

Some churches use bundles of herbs insted of palms.

Sometimes we miss pastoring. Timothy always loved preaching especially during this season of hope! Over the years he has had the opertunity to preach many Palm Sunday messages. One of our favorite Palm Sunday services was held at the Hillside Ave. Chruch of God. Durning the sermon we considered the lowly donkey that carried our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that first Palm Sunday (Matthew 21:1-11). Timothy encouraged the church to “Be The Donkey!”

Be the Donkey that carries Christ to where He wants to go!

We want to encourage you today, Be The Doneky! It is commonly known that our job as believers is to be the hands and feet of Christ in this lost and dying world. In other words we are to take Jesus to wherever He wants to go.

As the Donkey of Christ we must understand three important truths.

First, we must always keep in mind that the crowds are not for us. People really do not want to see the Donkey but they desperately do want to see the Savior! Our job is to be the Donkey, not the Savior!

A Donkey who thinks people are showing up to see him is a silly Donkey!

Second, as Donkeys, we are aware that our job is not to speak our own words or do our own ministry but to carry Christ’s words on our lips, to travel His path, and to carry out His ministry. Be the Donkey and carry Jesus to people, don’t offer your own braying!

Without Christ’s words on our lips we just sound like we are braying mindlessly!

The third truth that all Donkeys must understand is that Jesus may not want to go where we want to go. He may not want to go to where we feel safe or to where we perfer to spend our time. He may lead us into danger, or into the desert, or even into the furthest parts of the Earth! As Christ’s Donkeys we do not set our own path, we don’t have the right to do something so audacious, we go where He leads us! Be the Donkey and follow Christ’s prodding!

Take the path that Christ leads you on, not the path that seems good to you. 

Today and everyday after will you join us in living life in a very specific way? Will you be the Donkey of Christ? We are His Donkey in Ecuador will you be His Donkey in your neighborhood? Will you commit to taking Jesus to where He wants to go? Remember He “Came to seek and to save that which was lost!” On our own we can seek, but we can not save! What we can do is be the Donkey! Carry to the lost and dying world the only one who can save! Let us together be the Donkey of Christ and carry Him to whom He seeks!

With much love,img_2079The Downings

(If you would like to help these Donkeys buy grain we could use your support! Click here to be taken to our donation page, we thank you in advance for your generous donation!)

¡Sé el burro!

Ayer asistimos a los servicios del Domingo de Ramos. Siempre nos ha encantado esta época del año. En los Estados Unidos, por lo general, los niños serían empleados para agitar ramas de palma al comienzo del servicio. Aquí en Ecuador esa práctica ha sido prohibida debido a preocupaciones ambientales.

Algunas iglesias usan manojos de hierbas en vez de palmas.

A veces extrañamos pastorear. ¡Timothy siempre amó predicar especialmente durante esta temporada de esperanza! A lo largo de los años, ha tenido la oportunidad de predicar muchos mensajes del Domingo de Ramos. Uno de nuestros servicios favoritos del Domingo de Ramos tuvo lugar en Hillside Ave. Iglesia de Dios. Durante el sermón, consideramos al humilde burro que llevó a nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo ese primer Domingo de Ramos (Mateo 21: 1-11). Timoteo animó a la iglesia a “¡Sé el burro!”

¡Sé el burro que lleva a Cristo a donde quiere ir!

Queremos alentarte hoy, Sé el Doneky! Se sabe comúnmente que nuestro trabajo como creyentes debe ser las manos y los pies de Cristo en este mundo perdido y agonizante. En otras palabras, debemos llevar a Jesús a donde quiera ir.

Como el burro de Cristo, debemos entender tres verdades importantes.

Primero, debemos tener en cuenta que las multitudes no son para nosotros. ¡La gente realmente no quiere ver al burro pero desesperadamente quiere ver al Salvador! ¡Nuestro trabajo es ser el burro, no el Salvador!

¡Un burro que cree que la gente se está apareciendo para verlo es un burro tonto!

Segundo, como burros, somos conscientes de que nuestro trabajo no es hablar nuestras propias palabras o hacer nuestro propio ministerio, sino llevar las palabras de Cristo en nuestros labios, recorrer su camino y llevar a cabo su ministerio. Sé el Burro y lleva a Jesús a la gente, ¡no ofrezcas tus propios rebuznos!

Sin las palabras de Cristo en nuestros labios, ¡parecemos que estamos rebuznando sin pensar!

La tercera verdad que todos los Burros deben entender es que Jesús puede no querer ir a donde queremos ir. Es posible que no quiera ir a donde nos sentimos seguros ni a donde preferimos pasar nuestro tiempo. ¡Él puede llevarnos al peligro, o al desierto, o incluso a las partes más lejanas de la Tierra! Como burros de Cristo no nos marcamos el camino, no tenemos el derecho de hacer algo tan audaz, ¡vamos a donde Él nos guíe! ¡Sé el burro y sigue los consejos de Cristo!

Tome el camino que Cristo lo guiará, no el camino que le parezca bueno.

Hoy y todos los días después ¿te unirás a nosotros para vivir la vida de una manera muy específica? ¿Serás el burro de Cristo? Somos su burro en Ecuador ¿serás su burro en tu barrio? ¿Te comprometerás a llevar a Jesús a donde quiere ir? ¡Recuerda que “vino a buscar y salvar lo que se había perdido!” ¡Por nuestra cuenta podemos buscar, pero no podemos salvar! ¡Lo que podemos hacer es ser el burro! ¡Lleva al mundo perdido y moribundo al único que puede salvar! ¡Seamos juntos el burro de Cristo y lo llevemos a quien Él busca!

Con mucho amor,img_2079Los Downing

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