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Be The Donkey!

Today we attended Palm Sunday services on line due to the Coronavirus lockdown. We have always loved this time of year. In the United States typically children would be employed to wave palm branches at the beginning of the service. Here in Ecuador, that… Continue Reading “Be The Donkey!”

Tired Of Scrolling?

Friends, have you scrolled 100 times through your social media feeds today? In a time of social distancing it can seem like we read the same thing over and over again on Facebook. If you would like to read something a little more edifying… Continue Reading “Tired Of Scrolling?”

Cultural Insight: Abortion

On January 22, 1973, seven unelected officials made a decision that has resulted in the deaths of 61,678,839 innocent children in in the United States. Tragic for our nation! Yet, Jesus still offers healing and hope to all who seek him. Ecuador’s conservative abortion… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Abortion”


What do the Inca, the Conquistadores, the cult of Pachamama and Mariolatry have in common? Find out by listening to today’s Cultural Insight podcast.   Rumicucho is one of the “high places” the Conquistadors destroyed. with much love, the Downings What is the church? Click… Continue Reading “Syncretism”

Throwback To An Exciting Seminary Week

This is one of the two classrooms we used for Seminary classes in 2018. This classroom had more distractions but a better breeze. We can’t wait for This year’s seminary to begin! August can’t come soon enough! Blessings, The Downing Family

Tune In Tomorrow!

Love, The Downing Family

Christmas Devotions Along Our Mission Path!

Hello Friends, Our family formally invites you and your family to journey along with us this year as we ready our hearts for Christmas. Beginning on November 24th and ending on Christmas Day our website will be updated daily with a Christmas devotion. You… Continue Reading “Christmas Devotions Along Our Mission Path!”

Prayer Request

The past 14 weeks Timothy has been traveling in the U.S. visiting with partners and speaking at churches. During this time he was blessed to meet with several of you. We are excited that he will be returning home tonight.  Please pray for safe travels… Continue Reading “Prayer Request”

The Roma Lee Courvisier School

We love supporting good ministries! The ministry of Ken and Maria Biron are among the best ministries that we are aware of. Click here to visit Ken and Maria’s website.    Latin American Children’s Fund (LACF) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1991… Continue Reading “The Roma Lee Courvisier School”

La Reina Del El Quinche

Why does Ecuador need missionaries? This legend of La Reina Del El Quinche will give you some insight into the matter!     With love, The Downings

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