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20/20 Vision Part 1

John Piper once said, “Churches and Pastors need a great big vision of a great big God.” Fortunately, we don’t have to search far for such a vision. We don’t need marketers to brainstorm our vision. We don’t need copywriters to make it slick… Continue Reading “20/20 Vision Part 1”

Be The Donkey!

Today we attended Palm Sunday services on line due to the Coronavirus lockdown. We have always loved this time of year. In the United States typically children would be employed to wave palm branches at the beginning of the service. Here in Ecuador, that… Continue Reading “Be The Donkey!”

I Cannot Be Idle

William J. Henry was an early leader in the Holiness Movement. In 1889 he, answered a call to hold revival meetings in eastern Pennsylvania and eventually held meetings in each state and Great Britain. This is one of many hymns written by W. J.… Continue Reading “I Cannot Be Idle”

Sunday Teaching: Press The Battle On

Friends the movement of God should always be offensive not defensive! Today’s podcast explores an early hymn of joy and responsibility. Click play below to be encouraged. Forward, forward, is the battle cry, Onward, onward, to our home on high; We will conquer for… Continue Reading “Sunday Teaching: Press The Battle On”

20/20 Vision Part 2…..Next Week

Hello friends, are you looking for the “20/20 Vision Part 2” post that was promised last week? Our apologies, we had an intense ministry week here in Ecuador and some technical difficulties we hope to have what you are looking for posted on Sunday… Continue Reading “20/20 Vision Part 2…..Next Week”

Remember To Go, Remember Where To Go!

This Sunday as you prepare to go to church allow us to give you a friendly reminder that Church is not the only place that the followers of Christ should go! Jesus said: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to… Continue Reading “Remember To Go, Remember Where To Go!”

Psalm One

Psalm one is a wisdom psalm and the author tells his audience to reject the lifestyle of the wicked and to be loyal to God. The psalmist contrasts the destiny of the wicked with that of the righteous, emphasizing that the wicked are destroyed… Continue Reading “Psalm One”

Sumaj Diosta Cantana Himnario #144 Christ Will Come Again

Some of Church of God congregations sing out of a hymnal that is printed in both Quechua and Spanish. During today’s podcast we reflect on the wonderful words of the 144th Spanish song. Timothy translated the words for your edification. “The angels sing with… Continue Reading “Sumaj Diosta Cantana Himnario #144 Christ Will Come Again”

Back To The Blessed Old Bible

To understand this hymn we first must understand that the term “Babel” refers to a place of confusion. Especially confusion induced by mankind’s struggle to dominate God. The Biblical background is found in the days following Noah’s flood. The people of earth thought that… Continue Reading “Back To The Blessed Old Bible”

Sunday Teaching: A Child Of God

In the year of 1907 B. E. Warren pend these beautiful words that remind us not only who we are but who’s we are! Praise the Lord! my heart with His love is beaming, I am a child of God; Heaven’s golden light over… Continue Reading “Sunday Teaching: A Child Of God”

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