Paro Nacional Video Update

Friends, here is the latest update from your missionaries in Ecuador.

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Love, The Downing Family

Repe Ljano (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)

Repe Ljano  (Ecuadorian Green Banana Soup)

serves: 8-10 people

Repe Ljano is a distinctive creamy soup made with green bananas, onions, garlic, milk, cheese and cilantro.  The ingredients do not seem to fit together but the end result is delicious! Seven out of Seven Downings recommend.    


10 peeled and diced green bananas 

1 diced white onion

2 tbs oil

2 crushed garlic cloves

½ cup of cheese: quesillo, a fresh farmer’s type cheese  (queso fresco)

8 cups of water

½ cup of milk 

1  finely chopped bunch of cilantro

Pinch of salt

Avocado slices


First.  Heat the oil in soup pot, make a flavor base for the soup by mixing the diced onion and crushed garlic, cook until the onions are soft.

Then.  Mix in 8 cups of water, bring to a boil.

Then.  Add the diced green banana in small portions, make sure that the water is boiling as you add each portions.

Then.  Cook over medium high heat, stir occasionally, until the bananas are soft.

Then.  Gently mash some of the bananas pieces to thicken the soup.

Then.  Crumble and add cheese to the soup.

Then.  Mix in cilantro, salt milk, 

Enjoy.  Remove from the heat and serve with slices of avocado.


Esperanza, Adelena, Angelita, Ezequiel, Timothy, Tim 2, Elias

The Downing Family

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Paro Nacional Update June 24, 2022

Friends, here is today’s update on the protests in Ecuador.

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Love, The Downing Family

Paro Nacional Update June 23, 2022

Friends, here is our latest update on the national protests occurring in Ecuador.

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Love, the Downing Family

Paro National Update June 22, 2022

Friends, here is today’s update about the protests in Ecuador.

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Love, The Downing Family

Paro National Update June 21, 2022

Friends, thank you very much for your prayers. Here is an update on the national paro.

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Love, The Downing Family

Paro 2022

Friends, we are experiencing another Paro here in Ecuador. A Paro is a blockage of the roads by protesters. It is not a strike but a stop. Today’s podcast is all about the Paro 2022.

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Love, the Downing Family

Back To The Blessed Old Bible

To understand this hymn we first must understand that the term “Babel” refers to a place of confusion. Especially confusion induced by mankind’s struggle to dominate God. The Biblical background is found in the days following Noah’s flood. The people of earth thought that they should organize a plan of safety, they would build a tower so that they could climb out of the flood waters of God’s judgment if necessary. God confused the language of mankind in response.

The early call of the Church of God was to come out of Babel, leave the confusion of man made creeds, sectarian divisions and the denominational struggle to organize God’s work as though they owned the work.

A similar term used by the early Church of God was “Babylon.” Where as the term “Babel” spoke of spiritual confusion, “Babylon” spoke of false religion. In the parlance of the Church of God, Babylon refers to the man made denominational systems as opposed to the Divinely organized “Body of Christ” which no man dare organize.

With this definition of Babel in mind, let’s listen to the podcast.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back to the city of God;
Back to the oneness of heaven,
Back where the faithful have trod.
Back from the land of confusion,
Passing the wrecks and the creeds;
Back to the light of the morning,
Jesus our Captain leads.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back to the light of its word;
Be on our banners forever:
“Holiness unto the Lord.”

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Saints of Jehovah, rejoice;
Jesus is calling His people
Back to the land of their choice.
Often our fathers have sought it
While we in Babel abode,
Now we have found the fair city—
Church of the living God. [Refrain]

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Leaving confusion and strife;
Fleeing from Babel to Zion,
Back to the joy of our life.
Over the mountains we wandered,
Looking in vain for the right;
Now in the evening we’ve found it:
Truth of the gospel light. [Refrain]

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back at the Master’s call,
Back to the words of our Savior,
Loving, obeying them all.
Never in sects to be scattered,
Never again to do wrong;
Unity, holiness, heaven,
Ever shall be our song. [Refrain]

-Daniel Otis Teasley

Love, E59C874B-52D9-4D16-904B-520002EB214BThe Downing Family


The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Christ, the more missionary we become.

Henry Martyn
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One of the beautiful truths of our Christian journey is that the longer we walk with Christ and the closer we get to Him the more naturally we live and think like missionaries. 

We see this truth come to fruition in the lives of Christ’s original disciples who walked with Christ and eventually turned the world upside down for Him. The words of the Bible paint many portraits of the original disciples in the days between the cross and Pentecost. Most of the portraits don’t show the world changers that the disciples would become. They went from a group of frighted believers waiting to be rounded up, expecting the same fate as their leader to experiencing the empty tomb. They went from returning to the fishing boats of their pre-christ lives to encountering the risen Lord. They went from gawking at the ascension of Christ to deep and fervent prayer. They were then filled with the Holy Spirit and witnessed with world changing power. 

May we walk with Jesus Christ ever closely. May we enter wholly into His mission.   

With love, The Downing Family
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