We tried something different and…. it was a success! Each year the Church of God Seminary in Ecuador offers a week long intensive to help train leaders in the Ecuadorian Church. This year we expanded the reach of the Seminary by offering more class options, moving to a more spacious location, and including more Ecuadorian […]

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Librophiles Unite!

We love books. We love reading good books. We love writing books. We love giving books away! The right book given to the right person at the right time will not only change the life of the recipient but also the lives of the people whom the recipient connects with. A little confession: Somewhere in […]

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If you follow us on social media (facebook: Timothy Angelita Downing or our mission path) you most lilkely have already watched some of our live streams of the opening of the Cangahua congregation’s new building. The event was breathtaking in several different ways! The Mount of Olives Congregation is located high up between the inactive […]

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Heart Broken

We see them. We see the gripping photos of children and parents separated from each other on the U.S. southern border. Our hearts are broken. We also hear the political arguments and the unhelpful moral grandstanding.  We see the social media posts, some from truly thoughtful people and some from people who seem highly concerned […]

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A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between! ¡Una celebración, un bautismo y algunas cosas intermedias!

Time seems to move faster on the Equator! Our last few weeks have been packed with wounderful experiences. We had intended to post these updates in separate posts but we simply have not had the time to sit down at a coumputer until now. If you read this post really fast it will help you […]

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John 1:5 / Juan 1:5

And the light shines on in the darkness, but the darkness has not mastered it. -John 1:5 We love Easter! Of course as followers of Christ we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on a daily basis but there is just something extra special about the gathering together of God’s people in celebration on Resurrection Sunday. […]

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