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Tapestry: Part One

Friends, please enjoy this video about the calling God has placed on our lives!

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With love from Ecuador,B8BE1E92-F232-4D80-A144-845F8A9C78BD The Downings

Ministry Story: Traditions & Eternal Value

Sometimes we are guilty of throwing away tradition in favor of all things new. Other times we elevate our traditions way beyond their value. It can easily seem like some traditions become idols.

Can we hold our traditions and still offer something of eternal value? Absolutely, today’s ministry story is about a church that is doing just that. Click play to be introduced to the Mount of Olives congregation. A Church of God located in the foothills of the Cayambe volcano.

With love, C47AEA7E-E7FD-42F2-9652-93969FBCCB5AThe Downings

When The Streets Turn Into Rivers

This was tweeted out by the police in Quito. This happened in the historic district of our fair city. The tweet translates “We assisted a citizen who was being dragged by the water current after the rain this afternoon. We are always nearby.”

The rainy season should end soon but we have been getting extremely heavy rains recently. Flash floods, landslides and sinkholes are more common than normal right now.

Please join us in prayer for our Ecuadorian friends.

With much love,C7277E17-6D98-457E-AFCC-1E3289BD0CA8 The Downings

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