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Our mission is to reach the people of Ecuador through evangelism and by meeting the urgent need for deep discipleship, Pastoral preparation, leadership training and theological education. You can help us with a monthly donation to our ministry. Your prayers, support and encouragement enable us to reach countless people, all of whom very much count in God’s Kingdom! Our ministry would not be possible without partners like you. Will you donate today?

To contribute to our ministry through our secure, accountable, and tax-deductible donation portal please click on the link under our photo. B8BE1E92-F232-4D80-A144-845F8A9C78BD

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  1. Thanks, blessing and glory to Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Amen.Hallelujah!Jehovah, our gentle Jehovah, humbly we pray, bless our enemies, our neighbors, our relatives, our family, our friends,God’s church and little children’s, give them health, peace, well-being and everything what they need Jehovah, mildness of Yahweh, humbly we pray, have mercy to us and to all sinners, Jehovah, the merciful Yahweh, we humbly pray with thanksgiving in the name of Christ.Amen.Hallelujah!

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