Partner With Us

Our mission is to reach the people of Ecuador through evangelism and by meeting the urgent need for deep discipleship, Pastoral preparation, leadership training and theological education. You can help us with a monthly donation to our ministry. Your prayers, support and encouragement enable us to reach countless people, all of whom very much count in God’s Kingdom! Our ministry would not be possible without partners like you. Will you donate today?

We partner with Global Strategy as our sending organization. To contribute to our ministry through their secure, accountable, and tax-deductible donation portal please click on our photo. A18FCA90-B60D-4FED-87D5-A0697AB1ADB7

To support us please click on our photo! 


Will you join our prayer vine? Each week and during emergencies you will receive an email with our prayer requests. You will have the opportunity to speak into our ministry through the powerful act of prayer!

15 thoughts on “Partner With Us”

  1. Praise the Lord that you are at 86%. We will continue to pray for the rest of you support to come quickly. So excited to think of doing the ministry together here in Ecuador.


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