Our Mission

We have stepped into a vibrant ministry which partners with 16 congregations and many new works across the beautiful country of Ecuador. We facilitate and teach at Seminario de Estudios Teologicos del Ecuador, training pastors and church leaders in evangelism, discipleship, Pastoral preparation, and theological education.

Eager students at this year’s Seminary intensive training.

We also facilitate short term mission trips!

The Caring Partners International medical mission trip.

And much, much more!

We invite you to partner with us, just click here!

36 Comments on “Our Mission

  1. Hey Pastor Timothy and Family…
    This in Ron Baker…how are you guys? We see you often on facebook and your blog.

    Some things never change…Carol and I leave for Ohio early tomorrow (Saturday) morning for the Simon Rd COG Faith Promise conference on Sunday. I just received an email informing me the FP team has put the “Dowing Family” in the bulletin!! However, they have made no contact with you! They asked me if I would give an update on your ministry!? Okay – I have been following your blog and so I can give a report. How would you or could connect and help me with this? Any photos? Email a video? Any update on your bulletin insert? I know in the past we had a great Skype conversation?

    Thanks and rich blessings,
    with much lovbe,

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