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The Harvest Call

 Why stand ye all day idle? The harvest time is here, Behold, with flaming sickle the reapers gather near; Oh, hear the earnest pleadings which come from every land, “Lord, send us gospel workers, to lend a helping hand.”  Refrain: Oh, who will go… Continue Reading “The Harvest Call”

A Call to Harvest

Up, away to the harvest field, Gather in the golden yield; Gird your armor and faithful be, For the Master calleth thee. Refrain: Thrust your sickle in, the harvest time is here, Labor with your might, the judgment day is near; Thrust your sickle… Continue Reading “A Call to Harvest”

The Holy Remnant

Are you of the holy remnant, Gathered to the King of Peace? Have you found a full atonement, And abundance of His grace? Yes, my soul has come to Zion, On the high and holy way, And I’ve seen the darkness flying, Driven by… Continue Reading “The Holy Remnant”

In The Light of God

Along a dark and gloomy path I groped beneath the shades of death; No hope beyond my dying breath, Till light from the Savior came.   Refrain: In the light of God, Now my soul is singing, all, all is bright; In the light… Continue Reading “In The Light of God”

The Wonderful Change

All weights are gone, my heart is light, My scarlet robes are changed to white; O praise the Lord! I need no more My load of sin and guilt deplore. Chorus: O I am saved in Jesus’ blood, My soul is happy now in… Continue Reading “The Wonderful Change”

His Yoke Is Easy

Friends, this post was first published in June of 2019. I’ve found my Lord and He is mine,He won me by His love;I’ll serve Him all my years of time,And dwell with Him above. Refrain:His yoke is easy, His burden is light,I’ve found it… Continue Reading “His Yoke Is Easy”


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he gave us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, that is, into an inheritance imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. It is reserved in heaven for… Continue Reading “Resurrection”

O Sorrow Deep

O sorrow deep! Who would not weepwith heartfelt pain and sighing!God the Father’s only Son in the tomb is lying. The Paschal Lamb, like Isaac’s ram,in blood was offered for us,pouring out his life that he might to life restore us. Blest shall they be eternallywho ponder in… Continue Reading “O Sorrow Deep”

The Crimson Cross

See the cross, the cross of Jesus, Crimson with His own life’s blood; Thus He died, lest we should perish, Wondrous love! Thou Son of God.  Refrain: He will save you, trembling sinner, Hasten to the crimson cross; Oh, believe Him, He will save… Continue Reading “The Crimson Cross”

Ye followers of the prince of Peace

Friends, as we enter into Maundy Thursday together let us ponder the hymn “Ye Followers of the Prince of Peace.” Ye foll’wers of the Prince of peace, Who round his table draw! Remember what his spirit was, What his peculiar law. The love, which… Continue Reading “Ye followers of the prince of Peace”

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