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How To Tell If A Volcano Is Male Or Female

With love, The Downing Family


Friends, today’s cultural insight is about poverty. After we recorded this podcast we were reminded of the following Scripture during a Holy Spirit inspired lesson given by William Vorrasi. Command those who are rich in this world’s goods not to be haughty or to… Continue Reading “Poverty”

Cultural Insight: Carnival

With much love, The Downings Have you heard our ministry story: Heavy Hearts? If not please click here. 


Why is the USA called the land of opportunity? Do you know the difference between a class based and classless society? This cultural insight podcast sheds some light on this subject.   What does the sign say in our featured photo? “We are looking… Continue Reading “Class”

Cultural Insight 2: Hot Culture, Cold Culture

Do you know the difference between a hot culture and a cold culture? We invite you to listen to this cultural insight to find out! With much love, The Downings Friend we would love for you to click here and read about our mission!… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight 2: Hot Culture, Cold Culture”

Cultural Insight: Abortion

On January 22, 1973, seven unelected officials made a decision that has resulted in the deaths of 61,678,839 innocent children in in the United States. Tragic for our nation! Yet, Jesus still offers healing and hope to all who seek him. Ecuador’s conservative abortion… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Abortion”


What do the Inca, the Conquistadores, the cult of Pachamama and Mariolatry have in common? Find out by listening to today’s Cultural Insight podcast.   Rumicucho is one of the “high places” the Conquistadors destroyed. with much love, the Downings What is the church? Click… Continue Reading “Syncretism”


The wellspring of the Gospel is powerful and freely flows into every culture. As you will find out on this episode of our mission path podcast living water speaks profoundly to the hearts of people with an Andean worldview. Just click on the audio… Continue Reading “Water”

Cultural Insight: Rosca De Reyes

Today’s cultural insight is a particularly delicious cultural experience. Every January 6, it is customary to meet with family and friends to eat the sweet Rosca de Reyes bread. Throughout Ecuador there are customs surrounding this delicious sweet bread, which is eaten to celebrate… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Rosca De Reyes”

Cultural Insight: Up In Flames

With much love, The Downings Friends one of the worries we set ablaze last year was our budget! We were in bad shape at the end of last year! This year is very different. We changed the way we are serving as missionaries and… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Up In Flames”

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