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Have you ever considered how important food was in the ministry of Jesus? We see that the context of many of Christ’s interactions involved food. What does our Holy God incarnate have in common with sinners? Food. And the good news is that the… Continue Reading “Food”

Kapak Urku

Folklore is an important part of understanding the historical underpinnings and thought processes of a culture. In today’s podcast we share the story of Kapak Urku, Mama Tungurahua and Taita Chimborazo. What cultural insight can you glean from the story? With love, The Downings… Continue Reading “Kapak Urku”

The Legend Of Cantuña

We understand foreign culture in several ways. One way is by understanding the legends and folklore. Listen to today’s podcast about the legend of Cantuña. What does it tell you about the Ecuadorian culture? Love, The Downing Family

El Guagua Auca

Folklore and legends are in important part of understanding a culture. Folklore sometimes communicates deep or difficult cultual reality. Listen to the legend of the Baby of Aura a see what you can learn about Ecuadorian culture. The folklore of the crying child is… Continue Reading “El Guagua Auca”


With much love, The Downings Have you heard our ministry story: Heavy Hearts? If not please click here. 


The Gospel message is the same in every epoch and in every culture. Our Christian experience flows from the Gospel but when our culture is added to the mix the two coalesce into a unique experience that we call church. Although our theological understanding… Continue Reading “Church”

Willachina, Tapuykuna, Chimbapurana, Killpichirina, Paktachina (Indigenous Justice)

In Ecuador there are two systems of justice. Indigenous Justice is an ancient practice of restorative justice and it is used in place of Cvil Justice from time to time. Today’s podcast is all about Indigenous Justice.   The Indigenous system is far from… Continue Reading “Willachina, Tapuykuna, Chimbapurana, Killpichirina, Paktachina (Indigenous Justice)”

Cultural Insight: Voting

Ecuador is a country the same size of the State of Colorado. It has five branches of national government and tons of bureaucracy. Their are over 13 million eligible voters and everyone must vote. Ecuador currently has 279 political parties and movements. Voting day is… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Voting”

Cultural Insight: Until When….?

Today’s cultural insight comes in the form of a story. The legend of Father Almeida tells a story of sin and redemption. Just click play below to be regaled with local Ecuadorian lore. With love, The Downing Family Friend we need your support! Click… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Until When….?”

Cultural Insight: Abortion

On January 22, 1973, seven unelected officials made a decision that has resulted in the deaths of 61,678,839 innocent children in in the United States. Tragic for our nation! Yet, Jesus still offers healing and hope to all who seek him. Ecuador’s conservative abortion… Continue Reading “Cultural Insight: Abortion”

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