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Episode 25: Start With Your Neighbor

The worldwide proclamation of the Gospel awaits accomplishment by a generation which shall have the obedience, courage, and determination to attempt the task.

-John R. Mott


The more We experience life on the mission field, the more we believe this quote to be true! The fields are rip for harvest all we need is a generation willing to attempt the task! God is working in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

Perhaps he is working with your neighbor, you will never know unless you speak to them. If you want to be part of the generation that obeys and has courage and determination to attempt the task of global evangelism start with your neighbor. In Acts chapter 1 Jesus set forth four concentric circles of witness. He doesn’t call His disciples to go to the ends of the earth first. He calls his disciples to start where they are then, to go where it’s easy after that, to go where it’s hard and finally go to the ends of the earth. We are convinced that very few would go to the ends of the earth if they were not also faithful in every concentric circle of witness.

May we be the generation of believers who seek the face of God. May we be the ones to take his gospel to the ends of the earth.

With much love, 6EF7E090-4274-4931-9223-67A638494696The Downings

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Episode 16: Where

Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter. -Charles Spurgeon

Missionary. What do you think of when you hear the word missionary? Missions, primarily, is not about men and women giving their lives away for a moral or humanitarian cause. Rather, missions are primarily about the proclamation of a specific message with a specific content. We see this message written large in every sermon recorded in the book of Acts. The redemption of the world through the death and resurrection of our incarnate God, Jesus Christ. 

If you tell someone of the love, salvation and redemption of Jesus Christ you are speaking missionary words. If you proclaim “God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son so that whosoever believes in Him shall not parish but Have everlasting life. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world should be saved through him” you are proclaiming the missionary message. 

But where should you proclaim your missionary message? Jesus actually gives us clear instructions as to where we are to be missionaries. 

In Acts Chapter one Jesus tells his original disciples that they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. In other words where they lived, where they were comfortable, across cultural lines and to the furthest parts of the earth. 

We, His current disciples are called likewise. Although we tend to think of only the furthest parts of the earth as being the realm of missionaries, the truth is that all Christians are responsible for each area of witness. We must take care to witness in each of the realms that Christ sent His disciples. 

May we loudly proclaim the missionary message to all whom we meet. May we go in person, and where we cannot go in person may we go in purse!

With much love,09c1071c-468b-42a1-a9eb-8f1a3f66360a The Downings

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What is your involvement in missions?  What do you do to make sure that God’s redemption is known to all who need it?  Below is a short devotion taken from our forthcoming devotional book.  We sincerely hope it gives you encouragement today.


Not every believer has the missionary gift, but every Christian is called to some kind of involvement in missions. We are called to advance the gospel in some way and to participate in the fulfilling of God’s purposes in our generation.
-David Shibley

In Acts Chapter One Jesus tells his original disciples that upon the advent of the Holy Spirit, they will be witnesses of his resurrection in four spheres of their lives.  They were to bare witness in Jerusalem, the place they lived, Judea, the place they felt most comfortable, Samaria, where they would be uncomfortable and forced to deal the their own prejudices, and to the ends of the Earth, a place that would require increasing effort to reach.  These same spheres of witness exist for us- the current generation of Christ’s disciples.  We are responsible to ensure that the message of Christ’s resurrection is proclaimed in all four spheres.  Jesus did not come to make bad people good or sick people well, although he does do that, ultimately Jesus makes dead people live!  

May the message of the resurrection ever be on our lips and may we never neglect the spheres of witness that we have been granted.  

In His grip,

The Downings

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