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Together Tuesday: The Power Of Prayer

Friends, earlier this year we asked you to pray for little Jonah, the son of our fellow missionaries, Jonathan and Beth Todd. Today we want to share the answer to your prayers. Below is an excerpt from the Todd’s latest newsletter. As you read… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: The Power Of Prayer”

Together Tuesday: Pray For Jonah!

Friends in today’s Together Tuesday podcast we plead with you to pray for our friend’s son. Please click play below to learn all about Jonah’s situation.   Our friend Jonathan writes: Beth and I are requesting your prayers for Jonah. Today we went to… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: Pray For Jonah!”

Together Tuesday: The Todds

Our friends and fellow missionaries Jonathan and Beth Todd serve Christ in Brazil. We love them, support them and believe in their ministry.   Here is what our friends wrote on Facebook recently: “We have our visas, we have our plane tickets, and we… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: The Todds”

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