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Throwback To a Boy And a Butterfly

A few years ago our mission path took us to the butterfly sanctuary in the cloud forest of Mindo. Mindo is a convenient halfway point between Quito and our churches in Tonsupa. We enjoyed watching the kids try to get the butterflies to eat out of their hands. Elias is holding a butterfly with clear wings. He was so proud of himself.

We invite you to click here to learn more about our story. 

With sh much love,

The Downings

Throwback Thursday

Time seems to fly by, especially since we are having so much fun on our mission path! We can’t believe it but we have been traveling our mission path for over five years now! As you can imagine we have thousands of photos….and we are dying to share some of them with you! Our goal is to post a photo from somewhere along our mission path each Thursday of 2019. We will provide a short description for each and you can help us relive our amazing journey so far!

Here is our first throwback.

We lived behind bars for a year in Costa Rica as we studied Spanish. This was a difficult time along our mission path. But as you can see Elias and Esperanza found ways to enjoy our short-term imprisonment! The bars and razor wire kept us safe at night because the school was in a dangerous neighborhood. How dangerous? One of our fellow students had to go back home after he was stabbed in front of his family at our local park. A man was also shot on the street right outside our house. Needless to say we are very happy to be in Ecuador where the only thing we truly worry about is the traffic and the occasional volcano!


We are glad you are walking with us along our mission path! 


With much love,

The Downings

Ezequiel Makes a BIG Announcement!

We have a big announcement!

Of course Elias couldn’t let Ezequiel have the last word!

Thank you to all who have joined us this far!  We are almost 1/2 way there and we need those of you who have been thinking about partnering with us in this mission to contact Debbie Taylor at Global Missions (1-800-848-2464, ext 2185) or Click Here.  Your contribution is much needed!  Together we can change the world for the better.

It is by God’s grace we are able to minister to one another, it is through His people that those who are called to go are sent.  Thank you for helping to send us!

In His Grip,

The Downings


Bonus Bible teaching:

Here is a quick, cute video of Ezequiel telling the David and Goliath story.