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Cultural Insight: Rumicucho

Friends, this post was first published in February of 2019. With much love, The Downings

Time Lapse Over The Equator

Some sunsets are worth the wait. This sunset was recorded near the Equator. Enjoy, The Downings


People have been struggling to put pen to paper and define beauty for millennia. Consequently there are a plethora of eloquent and pithy quotations about the essence of beauty. Though our words might not be quotable or poetic what we have to share in this… Continue Reading “Beauty”

Latitude 00°00’00″

We are currently still studying Spanish in Costa Rica but our family longs to be immersed into Ecuadorian culture! Blessings, The Downings (If you would like to partner with us please click here.  Your support is very much appreciated!)

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