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Cultural Insight: Rumicucho


Pucara de Rumicucho sits on a hilltop nearly a mile north of the Equator.
The tactical advantage of Rumicucho is clear. The best way to Quito is through the valley that this ancient fort overlooks.
Addy and Daddy enjoying a day at Rumicucho. 

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People have been struggling to put pen to paper and define beauty for millennia. Consequently there are a plethora of eloquent and pithy quotations about the essence of beauty. Though our words might not be quotable or poetic what we have to share in this post is beauty personified.

This week we worshiped with our brothers and sisters in the Pisambilla Church.

The singing was led by two beautiful young believers.
Pastor Carlos spoke eloquently about becoming the person God wants you to be.
We could feel the refreshing cold wind and occasional rain drops from Cayambe’s glacier.

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Cayambe is on the equator! After Church we descended down the mountain and enjoyed some time on the equator. Elias even spent some time running around the world.

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One key to being successful on the mission field is to explore to culture into which we will be speaking the Gosple of Jesus Christ.  Ecuador holds a unique history, biodiversity and societal makeup.  The Equater has played a key role in producing modern Ecuador.
The kids loved learning about the physical, nearly “magical” properties of the Equator.
For example a person is actually stronger while standing on the Equator.
There is also no coriolis effect on the Equator but a mere foot on either side of the Equator the effect resumes.
Due to the lack of the coriolis effect on the Equator, an egg may be easily balanced on the head of a nail.
The kids enjoyed learning about an ancient Ecuadorian delicacy called Cuey (Guinea Pig).
Music gives keen insight into culture.  Our kids enjoyed listening to traditional Ecuadorian music but they perfer to make there own.

We are currently still studying Spanish in Costa Rica but our family longs to be immersed into Ecuadorian culture!


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