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Throwback To a Family Adventure

Before we moved to Ecuador we had the opportunity to visit as a family! During this visit our calling was made even more clear. Everyone was ready to move to Ecuador from the beginning of our mission path but this visit brought more urgency to each of us as we thought about our upcoming move.

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Timothy, Angelita, Tim, Esperanza, Ezequiel, Elias and (not pictured) Adelena.

Throwback Thursday

Time seems to fly by, especially since we are having so much fun on our mission path! We can’t believe it but we have been traveling our mission path for over five years now! As you can imagine we have thousands of photos….and we are dying to share some of them with you! Our goal is to post a photo from somewhere along our mission path each Thursday of 2019. We will provide a short description for each and you can help us relive our amazing journey so far!

Here is our first throwback.

We lived behind bars for a year in Costa Rica as we studied Spanish. This was a difficult time along our mission path. But as you can see Elias and Esperanza found ways to enjoy our short-term imprisonment! The bars and razor wire kept us safe at night because the school was in a dangerous neighborhood. How dangerous? One of our fellow students had to go back home after he was stabbed in front of his family at our local park. A man was also shot on the street right outside our house. Needless to say we are very happy to be in Ecuador where the only thing we truly worry about is the traffic and the occasional volcano!


We are glad you are walking with us along our mission path! 


With much love,

The Downings