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Throwback To A Young Family

Throwback To A Friend On An Adventure

Love, The Downing Family

Throwback To A Birthday Celebration

Throwback To A City In Need

Love, The Downing Family

Throwback To A Baptism

Love, The Downing Family  

Throwback To A Breathtaking View

Love, The Downing Family

Throwback To Kenosha

With love, The Downings Friend, our time in Ecuador has offered us so many unique and wonderful experiences. On of our favorite daily experiences here is the gastronomy of Ecuador. We invite you to explore our culture with us one bite at a time!… Continue Reading “Throwback To Kenosha”

Throwback To A Bad Day In Georgia?

With love, The Downings

Throwback To Esperanza

On our fundraising journey in the beginning of our mission path we came across this sign in New Mexico. Esperanza was so happy to get her a photo with it. In hindsight she might of just been happy to get out of the car!… Continue Reading “Throwback To Esperanza”

Throwback To A New Skill

With much love, The Downings Did you know every Monday we post a new Cultural Insight podcast? We invite you to click here and explore Ecuador’s Culture with us! 

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