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We received this card when a significant donation was made in Granny’s name!

We are blessed to be speaking tonight to a group of women in Southwest, Ohio.  This particular group of ladies hold a special place in our hearts.  This group is the Christian Women Connection of which our Grandmother Ruth Downing was an active member and our Mom Darlene Downing is an active member.  We have been blessed to speak with a few CWC groups over the last year.  We have always enjoyed the warm hospitality and strong partnership that these groups have offered us.

As Timothy grew up he was very familiar with the Women of the Church of God (the precursor to the Christian Women Connection). Both his mother Darlene and Grandmother Ruth served faithfully in the organization.  One of Timothy’s earliest WCG memories is of an accident that totaled the family’s International Scout.  The accident occurred on an icy road as his mother was driving to a WCG bazaar with some homemade Christmas ornaments.  She was selling the ornaments to help fund the ongoing missionary support that the group had pledged.  Although the Scout was totaled, the family was bruised and some of the ornaments broken; the remaining ornaments were delivered to the bazaar later that same day.  The ornaments were not the only thing delivered that day.  A lesson on the importance of missions was delivered to young Timothy.  In his own words, Timothy reflects: “Despite what we were going through Mom made sure to get the remaining ornaments to the bazaar because they were part of something bigger than us, they were part of the WCG’s missionary sending effort.”  This lesson lives on as we teach our kids that we are part of something bigger than us, we are part of Christ’s ongoing missionary work to this lost and dying world.

In the end, Mom’s ornaments sold and she donated the funds to missions.  The amount of money she donated doesn’t matter as much as the fact she was faithful and gave.  In fact, what has been given to missions through Mom and Dad’s generosity over the years makes the money garnered by the ornaments seem insignificant.  Insignificant, except that the lessons of that icy weekend live on in our family today.  We sincerely hope that the mission path that lays before us will profoundly impact the entire world, but even if it doesn’t, even if very few people are blessed by it or if very few people even remember it after we have run the course, we know we are being faithful.

Will you help us be faithful to the Calling of Christ?  We are willing to serve in Ecuador, but we can’t get there without your help.  To partner with us please click here, to make a one time donation to us please click here.  Thank you in advance for your support.

In His grip,

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The Downings

P.S.  Currently we are looking for more people to speak with.  If you are a part of CWC group, small group or Sunday School class and would like to have us come and speak with you please let us know.  We are more than willing to visit with your group!





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