Along For The Ride

Part of the adventure of living as a missionary in Ecuador is the journey to various ministry sites. We had the privileged of visiting the Church of God in Pisambilla last week. With excitement we discussed an ongoing building project with the Pastor and the possibility of having a work-camp at his Church (this would be the first work-camp ever to visit the Pisambilla Church).

Pastor Carlos and some of the Pisambilla Church standing in what will one day be their new church building.

We love visiting our churches all over the country, part of the adventure is getting there. Our journey begins in our driveway an hour before the first video in the playlist. Your ride along begins in the beautiful town of Cayambe about forty-five minutes from Pisambilla.

What the video can not do is produce the actual feel of the road. If you want to experience the bumps you should watch this playlist on a mechanical bull.

Thank you for riding along with us on this adventure we sincerely hope that one day you can visit us in Ecuador and we can ride together again.

With love,


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