Going Down to The River Again

This week we had the privilege of traveling to the coastal jungle to meet the Carapungo Church for a baptism celebration.

We ate together before the Baptism. There is always room around the table of Christ!

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Listening to Pastor Orlando’s Words of Wisdom.

Each Baptism candidate gave a testimony before they entered the water. Each testimony was beautiful and a celebration of the Newness of life that only Christ can give.

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The Baptism of Lina Mishely Martinez Ayme
The Baptism of Melanny Anahi Cuichan Martinez
The Baptism of Gessela Mercedes Hidalgo Farías
The Baptism of Monica Zurta Ruano

It is so exciting to be involved in such a wonderful ministry. We are honored to serve as Christ’s hands and feet here in Ecuador! We are further honored to participate in the extended ministry of so many supporters in the United States!05D3C381-D494-4854-BAF0-CBBC64EC5DC2

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