Trouble in El Carmen

Imagine being jolted awake by a car accident. Only the sound of crunching metal and the smell of hot brakes aren’t far outside of the safety of your home. No, this car accident quickly becomes a home invasion as a driver losses control on the dark mountain road far above your house and comes crashing through your roof!

Unfortunately the Pinchao family did not have to imagine such a horror, they lived it.

The car lost control late one evening and crashed through the zinc metal roof of the home rented by the Pinchao family.
The aftermath of the accident.
The family’s shared sleeping room came crashing down around them late one night.

The five members of the Pinchao family have a testimony of God’s protection and provision. Even though a car crashed through their roof and landed in their bedroom late one evening the family testifies of God’s protection. The kids received a few cuts and bruises when the car crashed through the roof. A brick wall fell on the mother but she only received few abrasions. The doctors still want to run some tests but it is obvious that she was divinely protected. The father received burns on his feet when an electrical wire fell on him but he was able to escape the bedroom with his family with no other ill effects.

Three out of the five family members in the El Carmen Church.

The family lost most of what was in the home but they are not complaining. They are blessed with a new place to rent and they are grateful to have each other. Currently they have foam mats for beds, a few kitchen items and a stove.

This past Sunday we were blessed to hear their testimony and also blessed to pass on a gift to the family. After hearing about the situation a christian sister was moved to give us enough money for the family to pay their next month’s rent! Because of this blessing the family can focus on each other and the parents can look for employment without the stress of next months rent. We were honored to pass along this blessing.

We know that the hand of God is on this family and we are happy to walk alongside of them and their church.

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