Together Tuesday A Way To Help

On Tuesdays we try to share ways that you can help. Today we are happy to announce a go fund me campaign to help with ministry and construction expenses. In the past when we made a ministry or construction need known, several of you have met those needs by contacting us privately and donating directly to us. We made sure all funds donated reached their intended ministry.

Click here to read about a current need.       Click here to read about a need fulfilled.

We set up this campaign for the National Leadership (Junta) of the Iglesia de Dios in Ecuador. We are simply promoting it and facilitating it. All funds that come in will be given to the Junta to fund ministry and construction projects.

Click here to check out the Go Fund Me Campaign

Blessings, DCD6B322-ED28-48C6-8E32-833138D89702The Downing Family

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