Friends, here is a quick interview with our family about our time in Ecuador during the Covid pandemic. Ecuador has been under various iterations of COVID-19 lockdown policy since March. In this post we answer three questions. The first: “What do you dislike about the lockdown? Second: What do you like about the lockdown? Finally: What do you want to do after the lockdown is over?

Things are looking up recently. We are now allowed to drive every other day and most stores and restaurants that survived the lockdowns are opened.

Churches are now allowed to be open but with heavy restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend, the age of attendees, and the time allowed for each service. As of this post, we are only aware of one Church that we work with that is currently meeting.

We are currently distributing food to those in need. We need your help! Please click here to see what we are doing and to help us along the way.

God Bless,

The Downings

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  1. I loved this interview with everyone! We miss you and miss not being able to go to Ecuador! Sure hope it all opens us so we can do that. God bless you, all the family, Thanks for the update. Love to all!

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