Back To The Original Path

There are no closed doors to the gospel – provided that, once you get inside, you don’t care if you ever come out.

Brother Andrew

There are no countries closed to the Gospel of Christ. On its face that sentiment doesn’t seem to reflect reality. Many countries have outlawed Christian belief and witness. Many missionary organizations will not send missionaries into unsafe situations. Some missionaries are willing to “die before they go” but they have difficulty navigating the modern paths into missionary service. 

For those who are called into closed countries what is their best path? Their best path is the original path blazed by Paul the Apostle. They should be called by God, set apart by the Holy Spirit and sent by their local church who knows and loves them.

For all of our modern advancement the best paths are always the paths blazed by the original movement of Christ!

May we follow Christ regardless of the personal consequence. May we not ignore the original path blazed by the Church. 

Love, B8BE1E92-F232-4D80-A144-845F8A9C78BDThe Downings

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